Thursday, 23 July 2009

LIST 01 - 15/02/09

The preamble:

Quite simply, That Music List is a vaguely weekly-ish list of URLs to songs past and present that I really like, and would love to share with anyone interested in extending their musical palate at no cost to themselves (other than your connection time on the Interweb, of course).

There's roughly about 80 minutes of music in each new list - partly as it's a manageable length of time, and partly to replicate (sort of) that feel of the list representing the contents of a really varied home-compiled CDR.

Musically you can expect to find... well... I shouldn't say too much as that would be self-defeating. Listen without prejudice!

Jeremy xx

PS That Music List was inspired by the lengthy music-oriented threads I have posted to the message board of activity group Spice over the last three years, and the lounge area of for the last five.

PPS That Music List was going to be named either "Listen Without Prejudice", but George Michael nicked that first; or else "Keep An Open Mind Or Else" (after the revered single by late-80s Marxist indiepoppers McCarthy), but on balance that seemed a bit aggressive!


Right, then. So here goes. Do feel free to discuss any of the songs contained herein!

JAMES YUILL - No Pins Allowed (2008)

BRIAN ENO - No One Receiving (1975)

WIRE - One Of Us (2008)


JEANS TEAM - Baby 3 (2002)

AMADOU & MARIAM - Magosa (2008)

FARMERS BOYS - Phew Wow (1984)

MANHATTAN LOVE SUICIDES - Clusterf*ck (2008)

DARKEL - At The End Of The Sky (2006)

TREMBLING BLUE STARS - November Starlings (2007)

WEDDING PRESENT - Brassneck (1990)

ALELA DIANE - The Pirate's Gospel (2008)

HOLY F*CK - Lovely Allen (2008)

KAKI KING - Playing With Pink Noise (2006)

GARY CLAIL ON-U SOUND SYSTEM - Who Pays The Piper? (1992)

FAKE BLOOD - Mars (2008)

ROBOTNIK - People Walk Away (2008)

CIRCULUS - My Body Is Made Of Sunlight (2005)

FUJIYA & MIYAGI - Knickerbocker (2008)

PUBLIC IMAGE LIMITED - Careering (1979)

YUMI YUMI - I Am Right (2003)

LADYTRON - Ghosts (2008)


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