Sunday, 2 August 2009

LIST 17 - 02/08/09

Phew. After all the excitement of first Latitude and then Indietracks, it's back to a standard, non-themed list again this time. Still plenty of interest, mind, including some 2009 product from Camera Obscura, Cornershop and former Blue Aeroplanes guitarist Hazel Winter. The inclusion of the last-named seemed reason enough to dig out the 'Aeroplanes' joyous reinterpretation of an old Paul Simon hit, too!

The closing track appears as That Music List's own tribute to the victims of the appalling attack on the gay young people's centre in Tel Aviv last week. I can't really add anything to the lyrics that they don't say pertinently and succinctly enough already.

GOGOL BORDELLO - Not A Crime (2006)

BLONDE REDHEAD - 23 (2007)

CAMERA OBSCURA – Honey in the Sun (2009)

fránçois – Hold On Twice (2008)

DISASTERADIO – Awesome Feelings (2007)

BLUE AEROPLANES – The Boy in the Bubble (1991)

HAZEL WINTER – The Candyman Walks (2009)

ROSE ELINOR DOUGALL – Another Version of Pop Song (2008)

ANIMAL COLLECTIVE – Water Curses (2008)

THE SMITTENS – My Favourite Dream (2006)

COCOROSIE – Rainbowarriors (2007)

BIS – Eurodisco (1998)

MANDA RIN – My DNA (2008)

CORNERSHOP – The Roll-Off Characteristics (of History in the Making) (2009)

AKALA – Shakespeare (2006)

DAWN LANDES – Bodyguard (2007)

TELEVISION PERSONALITIES – A Picture of Dorian Gray (1981)

MJ HIBBETT & THE VALIDATORS – Do The Indie Kid (2008)

TREMBLING BLUE STARS – A Statue to Wilde (2007)


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