Friday, 29 April 2016

LIST 200 - 29/04/16 (a Prince tribute)

Hello again,

I'll be perfectly honest - the plan had been to let the 200th List just pass by with a relatively anonymous general mix of things, just as the 100th had.  Those intentions were, of course, promptly superseded by the tragic breaking events of last Thursday - too late to change List 199 to a full tribute to Prince Rogers Nelson, but not this one.

As with the Bowie tribute of regrettably too few weeks back, I've tried to cover as many bases as possible.  There are personal favourite tracks from the entire span of Prince's recorded career - by turns direct, questioning, sly and funky, Controversy remains my absolute favourite.

I also thought it important to pay due regard to his generosity, that which led him to pass on absolutely nailed-on hits he wrote to other people - protégés or those otherwise associated with him - rather than score big with them himself.  Sheila E, The Time and Tevin Campbell are included on that basis.

Thrown in also are a few cover versions of varying degrees of reverence - Pansy Division, Space Cowboy (a track denied a high place in the UK charts only due to a format breach), Soulwax and a striking reading of Alphabet Street by the Jesus & Mary Chain - plus a couple of affectionate homages from Flairs and longtime obsessives/fans Ween.  I hope there's something for you all to enjoy here.

J xx

PRINCE – Controversy (1981)
THE JESUS & MARY CHAIN – Alphabet Street (1994)
PRINCE – Black Sweat (2006)
SPACE COWBOY – I Would Die 4 U (2002)  
PRINCE – Sometimes It Snows in April (1986)
PANSY DIVISION – Jack You Off (1995)
PRINCE – Soft and Wet (1978)
WEEN – L.M.L.Y.P. (1990)
PRINCE – Baltimore (2015)
SHEILA E – The Belle of St Mark (1984)
PRINCE – Daddy Pop (1991)
THE TIME – Cool (1981)
PRINCE – Paisley Park (1985)
FLAIRS – Better than Prince (2008)
PRINCE – Fixurlifeup (2014)
SOULWAX – Starfish and Coffee (1999)
PRINCE – Glam Slam (1988)
TEVIN CAMPBELL – Round and Round (1990)
PRINCE – Sign O’ The Times (1987)


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