Friday, 19 January 2018

LIST 156 (repeat) - 19/01/18 (the many guises of... Tim Smith)

Hello everyone,

A first for That Music List this week, in the guise of the first List I've ever repeated.  The reason, however, could not be clearer and not hard to understand for anyone familiar with my deep love of the music of Tim Smith and Cardiacs.

I first posted this selection in May 2015 as part of an occasional series of "the many faces of... [insert musician here]", and alluded to the fact at the time that Tim Smith's near-fatal, and irrefutably life-changing, heart attack and stroke in 2008 appeared to have effectively terminated the playing and producing career of one of modern music's most fertile imaginations.  

A terrible, terrible shame as it already stood, the public declaration earlier this month of Smith's precarious position vis-a-vis continuing to receive the round-the-clock care and rehabilitation that would enable his condition to continue its necessarily grinding improvement has sparked Cardiacs fans from all corners of the earth to thrust their hands into their pockets to the tune of over £80,000 already at the time of writing this.  A stupendous effort, and no more than the big man deserves.

Needless to say, further contributions will not go amiss.  If you haven't already done so, and have ever loved a Tim Smith-penned, produced or played piece of work, please go to Tim's Justgiving page, where Smith's tower of strength, Mary Wren, explains the big man's situation and need for funding far more effectively than I ever could.

Many, many thanks to you in advance.

So, then, for the second time in That Music List's history, here's something celebratory by which to remember Surrey's finest at his best, then - 20 songs all either starring Tim (Cardiacs, Tim Smith, Sea Nymphs, Panixphere), originally by him (former Cardiac William D Drake's sublime cover), or else featuring him on production and/or instrumental duties (everything else).  I couldn't not finish with the short film "Jim's Shame", featuring an archetypal Tim tantrum and eventual storming off - to return to the recording studio who knows when, if ever.

J xx

CARDIACS – Jibber and Twitch (rehearsal) (2003)

TIM SMITH – Rat Mice Lice Time (1990/1995)

SIDI BOU SAID – Wormee (1995)

THE SHRUBBIES – Carefree Clothes (1997)

PANIXPHERE – To Go Off and Things (1992)

ADRIAN BORLAND – I’m Your Freedom (1997)

NORTH SEA RADIO ORCHESTRA – End of Chimes (2006)

THE MONSOON BASSOON – The King of Evil (1999)

PINHEAD NATION – Where’s Herne Bay? (1993)

SPRATLEYS JAPS – Secret (1999)

GERTRUDE – Comes Around (1997)

WILLIAM D DRAKE – Savour (2010)

EAT – Double Bubble (1993)

THE TRUDY – Lost Summer of Love (2007)

LEVITATION – Cloud Shine (1992)

THE SCARAMANGA SIX – The Poison Pen (2004)

FLINCH – Spoonz (1995)

STARS IN BATTLEDRESS – Secrets and Signals (2003)

THE SEA NYMPHS – Shaping the River (1992)

THE SOUND – Counting the Days (1986)

CARDIACS – Jim’s Shame (2003)


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