Thursday, 23 July 2009

LIST 02 - 19/02/09

Not sure what's the greatest surprise in this list - that some wonderful soul finally stuck "Considering a Move to Memphis" on Youtube, or that St Etienne are still living and breathing!
Cardiacs double-header appears as a morale-booster whilst frontman Tim Smith remains incapacitated after - ironically - a cardiac arrest. Some things you just can't script. Bet Lawnmower Death are worried now.

As always, sound levels vary a bit from one clip to the next, so wiggle your knob accordingly to attain best results. ;-)

XTC – The Mayor of Simpleton (1989)

SAINT ETIENNE – Method of Modern Love (2009)

YILA ft SCROOBIUS PIP – Astronaut (2008)

THE COLORBLIND JAMES EXPERIENCE – Considering a Move to Memphis (1988)

KIKO – Slave of My Mind (2008)

ANOTHER SUNNY DAY – You Should All Be Murdered (1989)

QUEENS OF THE STONE AGE - Sick Sick Sick (2007)

1990s - See You at the Lights (2007)

CULTURE – Lion Rock (1982)


WAVE PICTURES – Strange Fruit for David (2008)

CARDIACS – Ditzy Scene (2007)

CARDIACS – Tarred and Feathered (1987)

FLYING SAUCER ATTACK – Beach Read Lullaby (1995)

BOMB THE BASS ft FUJIYA & MIYAGI – Butterfingers (2008)

ROBERT WYATT – I’m A Believer (1974)

ROSIE TAYLOR PROJECT – A Good Cafe on George Street (2008)

SILVER APPLES – Oscillations (live at Toronto Music Gallery (2008)

NEW PORNOGRAPHERS – Sing Me Spanish Techno (2006)


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