Friday, 14 August 2009

LIST 18 - 14/08/09

Astonishing that I've gone 18 lists into this feature before the first appearance of the redoubtable Stereolab, given they have been pretty much an ever-present in my musical diet for some 17 years now.

Elsewhere, 'tis a pleasure to find some Lesbo Pig on the interweb to share with you at last, likewise Roy Moller.

Polly Jean Harvey gets the then and now treatment, whilst for the 80s fans among you there's also a bit of Boothill Foot Tappers and also Redditch's very own The Very Things.

GOD HELP THE GIRL – Come Monday Night (2009)

DARREN HANLON – Fingertips and Mountaintops (2006)

OBSCURE – Schwermut (2008)

BOOTHILL FOOT TAPPERS – Too Much Time (1985)

WHAT WOULD JESUS DRIVE – The Girls Are In Charge (2009)

BEASTIE BOYS - Off The Grid (2007)


NEW FLESH - Wherever We Go (2006)

dEUS – The Architect (2008)

TOM LEHRER – Poisoning Pigeons in the Park (1967)

PJ HARVEY & JOHN PARISH - Black Hearted Love (2009)

PJ HARVEY – Sheela Na Gig (1992)

GRIZZLY BEAR – Two Weeks (2009)

MONEY CAN’T BUY MUSIC – We Will All Asphyxiate (2008)

CARDIACS – Angleworm Angel (1995)

JUNIOR BOYS - Like A Child (2007)

COOPER – Canción de viernes (2008)

LESBO PIG – Where It’s At (2004)

STEREOLAB – Three Women (2008)

THE VERY THINGS – The Bushes Scream While My Daddy Prunes (1984)


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