Friday, 30 July 2010

LIST 38 - 02/07/10 (Latitude Festival special, part one)

Back again, with apologies for the two-month absence since the last update. We have an unforeseen bout of unemployment, the resultant scramble for a new job, and the 150-mile move back up the country to start that job to thank for this, but everything is mercifully back on an even keel now and That Music List comes to you from hereon in from God's own Yorkshire. It's great to be back up this neck of the woods again after over six years away.

Be that all as it may. As per last year, July's Lists are mostly given over to festival line-ups, with this being the first of two specials to celebrate the upcoming Latitude event in Suffolk. Overall I think it's actually a poorer line-up than last year's, with a lot of the space on the small, interesting stages given over to major label (over-) endorsed singer-songwriter wannabees - how many Tiffany Pages can one industry sustain?

No matter. I think I've found some decent stuff all the same. Delighted to see how much the likes of The Good Natured and Elinor Rose Dougall are developing now, and how have I managed to miss School Of Seven Bells for so long? Joe Worricker, meanwhile, is either a genius pop creation or Rough Trade well and truly on the p*ss-take - I still can't decide which...

BELLE & SEBASTIAN – Funny Little Frog (2006)


THE GOOD NATURED – Human Eyes Cry Godly Tears (2010)

THE UNTHANKS – The Testimony of Patience Kershaw (2009)

MITCHELL MUSEUM – Warning Bells (2010)

ACTIVE CHILD – I’m In Your Church At Night (2010)

JOE WORRICKER – We Hug in Bed (2010)

JóNSI – Go Do (2010)


BETH JEANS HOUGHTON – I Will Return (2009)

SCHOOL OF SEVEN BELLS – My Cabal (single edit) (2008)

GENTLEMAN’S DUB CLUB – Fly Away (2010)

GRIZZLY BEAR – Ready, Able (2009)

ROSE ELINOR DOUGALL – Find Me Out (2010)

THE AGITATOR – Get Ready (original) (2009)

DIRTY PROJECTORS – Stillness is the Move (2009)

O.CHILDREN – Ruins (2010)

THESE NEW PURITANS – We Want War (2010)

ZUN ZUN EGUI – Intense Customer (live) (2010)


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