Saturday, 10 April 2010

LIST 33 - 02/04/10

Their upcoming appearance at the Jazz Cafe in London was reason enough to dig out some vintage Cranes for this list, and I've been meaning to include The Monochrome Set's eponymous track for quite some time, too. Mostly newer stuff aside from these, though, with the Dan Le Sac vs Scroobius Pip track taken from what's proven to be anything other than a difficult second out.

Three cheers to Goldfrapp for delivering the best pop moment of 2010 so far, I reckon - wonder if France has forgiven them yet for still not creating a Felt Mountain mk. 2?

THE BLACK BELLES – What Can I Do? (2010)

THE SHINS - Phantom Limb (2007)

THE DUCKWORTH LEWIS METHOD – The Age of Revolution (2009)

NEW YOUNG PONY CLUB - Ice Cream (2006)

WHITE HILLS – Dead (2009)

DAN LE SAC VS SCROOBIUS PIP – Sick Tonight (2010)

THE WAVE PICTURES – Kiss Me (2008)

CRANES – Shining Road (1994)

WILLIAM D DRAKE – Wolves (2007)

BLOOD RED SHOES – Light It Up (2010)

OOIOO – Grow Sound Tree (2007)

HERCULES & LOVE AFFAIR – Hercules Theme (2008)

GOLDFRAPP – Rocket (2010)

GOLDFRAPP – Lovely Head (2000)

STORNOWAY – I Saw You Blink (2010)

REX THE DOG – Prototype (2005)

FRIGHTENED RABBIT – Nothing Like You (2010)

THE MONOCHROME SET – The Monochrome Set (I Presume) (1980)

TIGER FORCE - Syntax Error (2007)


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