Monday, 9 November 2009

LIST 25 - 06/11/09

The quarter-century has been reached, and still not a single song repeated! Nor should there be, really - we've only got through about 500 songs out of the whole history of recorded music (according to the Gospel of St Youtube ;-p) so far...

The splendid return of Loney, Dear features this time, as does the one stand-out track (by a very long way) on a rather inconsistent new Fake Blood EP. The Pastels and Tenniscoats' recent collaborative efforts have begotten a single, also included, and Sonic Youth get the now and then treatment.

The appearance of LFO is intended as a precursor to the That Music List special mentioned previously, celebrating Warp Records' 20th anniversary, whilst the appearance of "Brain" at the end of the list is just there to challenge you a bit. I blimmin' love it, anyway. ;-D

LFO – Freak (2003)

LONEY, DEAR – Airport Surroundings (2009)


GRIZZLY BEAR – Knife (2007)

BARBARA MORGENSTERN – We’re All Gonna Fucking Die (2002)

LISSY TRULLIE – Boy Boy (2009)

WAVE PICTURES – I Love You Like A Madman (2008)

SONIC YOUTH – Sacred Trickster (2009)

SONIC YOUTH – Bull in the Heather (1994)

EXAMPLE - You Can’t Rap (2007)

JOHN VANDERSLICE – Too Much Time (2009)

IT’S IMMATERIAL – Driving Away From Home(1986)

SHY CHILD - Drop the Phone (2007)

MICACHU & THE SHAPES – Golden Phone (2008)

PASTELS / TENNISCOATS – Vivid Youth (2009)

FAKE BLOOD – The Dozens (2009)

BEIRUT - Elephant Gun (2007)

OU EST LE SWIMMING POOL – Dance the Way I Feel (2009)

THE YUMMY FUR – Plastic Cowboy (1996)



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