Monday, 9 November 2009

LIST 24 - 30/10/09

Always nice to remember a band after ages, think, "I wonder if they're on Youtube at all?", and then find out that they are - hence the joyous appearance of Glasgow's finest psychic-Germany-eyeballs-plastic-cowboy-housing-estate art punk-poppers The Yummy Fur. Result!

Other highlights this time include a double helping of Depeche Mode with tracks all of 19 years apart (and yep, I know I could have gone further back still...), new stuff from the queen of indiepop (and economics) Amelia Fletcher, a spirited Hot Chip cover, the first appearance of some Touareg beats on this site, and some compelling late-90s German electronica.

KITTY, DAISY AND LEWIS – Going Up the Country (2008)

LISSY TRULLIE – Ready for the Floor (2009)

ANIMAL COLLECTIVE – Summertime Clothes (2009)

ELVIS PERKINS - All The Night Without Love (2007)

THE YUMMY FUR – Theme from Ultrabra (1996)

COLA JET SET – El Sueńo de mi vida (2009)

PATRICK WOLF – Hard Times (2009)

SENSORAMA – Star Escalator (1998)

GRUFF RHYS – Candylion (2007)

THE ROGERS SISTERS – Never Learn to Cry (2006)

DEPECHE MODE – Wrong (2009)

DEPECHE MODE – World in My Eyes (1990)

TENDER TRAP – Fireworks (2009)

JOHN VANDERSLICE – Exodus Revolution (2006)

MOTHLITE – The Flax of Reverie (2008)

TOUMAST – Ammilana (2006)

GILES LIKES TEA – Where We Fell (2009)

HAWNAY TROOF – Front My Hope (2008)

DOVES – Sea Song (1999)


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