Friday, 18 September 2009

LIST 21 - 18/09/09

I'm a pretty late comer to the naughtily-monikered F*ck Buttons, but I'm glad I have. Like much on their two albums to date, "Space Mountain" is astonishing stuff - like a more aggressive, visceral Boards Of Canada, if that isn't doing both acts a disservice.

Other than that, there is a double helping of veteran Japanese punk-poppers Shonen Knife (28 years and still going strong!), French hip-hop, Norwegian pronk, London steampunk, the cutest Americans ever, and a boat full of robots playing Baroque music. Oh yes, and something Soundgarden fans might not want reminding of!

METRIC - Monster Hospital (2006)

AU REVOIR SIMONE – All Or Nothing (2009)

JIM NOIR – I Me You I’m Yours (2008)

PASSION PIT – The Reeling (2009)

GRINDERMAN - Grinderman (2007)

RONDO VENEZIANO – La Serenissima (1983)

UNGDOMSKULEN – Idunno (2009)

AIR - Mer Du Japon (2008)

THE SIDDELEYS – What Went Wrong This Time (1987)

MAGNOLIA ELECTRIC CO – Josephine (2009)

TTC - Travailler (2007)

THE SMITTENS – One Hundred Roses (2009)

SHONEN KNIFE – Riding on the Rocket [Original] (1986)

SHONEN KNIFE – Super Group (2008)

FUCK BUTTONS – Space Mountain (2009)

A HAWK AND A HACKSAW – God Bless the Ottoman Empire (2008)

YOUR TWENTIES – Annie (demo) (2009)

APRIL SMITH – Bright White Jackets (2007)

SILVERY - Horrors (2008)

MOOG COOKBOOK - Black Hole Sun (1995)


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