Friday, 27 May 2016

LIST 204 - 27/05/16

Hello again,

Okay, okay, it's maybe slightly cheaty to do a Then and Now feature for The Julie Ruin, in so far as the older track is taken from a Kathleen Hanna solo record of that name and the newer one is the lead single from the Kathleen Hanna-fronted band of that name's first album.  But still.  Both are too good not to share.

The temptation to follow the old track by the UK dance act known as Screaming Trees with one from the more familiar US rock act of the same name was avoided, just.  How very unlike me!

J xx

STREET CHANT – Insides (2016) 

WOODPIGEON – Faithful (2016) 

STEREO MCs – Fade Away (1992)

FIELD MUSIC – Indeed It Is (2016)

NINEBARROW - For a Time (2016)

RED MONKEY – This Medium Is Not The Message (1999)

ODD NOSDAM – Sisters (2016)

THE JULIE RUIN – I Decide (2016)

THE JULIE RUIN – Radical or Pro-Parental (1998)

ZONE OUT – Inside (2015)

PITY SEX - Pin a Star (2016)

THE WEDDING PRESENT – I’m Not Always So Stupid (1988)

KANE STRANG – What’s Wrong (2015)

THE EXPLORERS CLUB – California’s Callin’ Ya (2016)

SCREAMING TREES (UK) – Tangiers (1988)

SEPTEMBER GIRLS - Heartbeats (2013)

THE RITZ CLUB - Walk Away (2016)

THE GOSSIP – Take Back (The Revolution) (2002)


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