Friday, 26 January 2018

LIST 231 - 26/01/18 (a Mark E Smith tribute)

Hello again,

Somewhat inevitably, this week's List serves as my tribute to Mark E Smith, finally claimed two days ago by the poor health to have afflicted him for a number of years.  

Obtuse, catankerous, drunken, sometimes rather hard to love but frequently touched by genius, his was a single-minded, uncompromising approach to his craft, as the long procession of former members of The Fall (a list of personnel, admittedly, added to at a lesser rate in more recent years) would likely attest to.

Always different, always the same, as Peel himself once said.  Rest easy, Mark.

There have, of course, already been plenty of Fall/Smith tributes online and over the airwaves, but hopefully this one isn't too much like more of the same.  As well as a handful of personal Fall favourites, I've added a selection of Smith's collaborations with other artists (named or unnamed); a couple of tracks inspired by Smith (by Tocotronic and the very appropriately named Container Drivers); and a version of Hit the North by Frank Sidebottom - sometimes it takes a northern maverick to cover a northern maverick.

J xx




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