Friday, 2 February 2018

LIST 232 - 02/02/18 (eponymous songs)

Hello again,

Now this was great fun to compile - a whole List's worth of songs sharing their names exactly with the performers performing them.  

Other than Rappin'/Rapping in the case of Rappin' Is Fundamental, I allowed myself no concessions whatsoever in terms of alternative spellings or additional words in the title, meaning that otherwise corking tracks such as Dead Moon Night by Dead Moon weren't permitted.  No matter, they'll definitely see light of day on here in due course.  

Elsewhere, the temptation to include the enduringly splendid Talulah Gosh was resisted, for no reason other than it's already managed to appear on two Lists over the years.

An observation.  Over half of the contents of this List date from the 1990s, even without having gone overboard with inclusions from dance/techno acts in which the practice of eponymous track-naming seemed to proliferate the most.  Indeed, only one selection dates from this century - is this a phenomenon which has all but died out, or was I just looking in the wrong places?  Probably the latter...

J xx 


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