Friday, 30 July 2010

LIST 40 - 16/07/10 (Indietracks Festival special, part one)

...And from Latitude, so we move onto Indietracks, the only festival I'll be getting to go to in person this summer, and the one I regard as the most indispensible now - it'll be my third visit, and certainly not the last.

Finding clips for some of the Indietracks roster is hard, given some of their degrees of Youtube-shyness, but I've managed to fill two Lists all the same. I noticed in compiling that I hadn't included "Do The Indie Kid" previously, despite thinking I had - it turned out that I'd added "My Boss was in an Indie Band Once" in List 37 in its stead by accident. As the latter had already appeared in List 31, it thereby counts as the first ever song to figure in more than one list. Drat it, I was hoping to go longer than that!!! Well done if you spotted the error before I did. Ah well, one duplicate every 600-odd songs isn't bad going, I suppose...

‘ALLO DARLIN – If Loneliness Was Art (2010)

VERONICA FALLS – Found Love in a Graveyard (2010)

WINSTON ECHO – Oh Banjo (200x)

THE PAINS OF BEING PURE AT HEART – Everything With You (2009)

STARS OF AVIATION – Love Is Only In Your Mind (2003)

LA LA LOVE YOU – Dame Un Beso (2009)

THE CAVALCADE – Voices (2009)

STARS IN COMA – Invisibility Trick (2008)

BOY GENIUS – Old New England (2010)

WHITE TOWN – Make The World Go Away (2007)

SECRET SHINE – Temporal (1993)

JAM ON BREAD – At Your Funeral (Jesus College session) (2009)

SLOW CLUB – Giving Up on Love (2010)

THE CANNANES – Frightening Thing (1993)

STANDARD FARE – Philadelphia (2010)

MJ HIBBETT & THE VALIDATORS – Do The Indie Kid (2009)

THE BLANCHE HUDSON WEEKEND – Noise and Fury (2010)

THE JUST JOANS – Looking Like Rain (2007)


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