Thursday, 21 July 2011

LIST 60 - 22/07/11 (Indietracks Festival special, part one)

Hello again,

Pleased to report that the time of my favourite festival of them all, Indietracks, is once again nigh; and also that there appears to be enough material on video out there to push your way two That Music Lists dedicated to it, this week and next.

A little creative liberty has been required to find some Graeme Elston and Oxo Foxo for you, but hopefully not a diabolical one.

As usual, and heaven forfend it ever not be the case, going through the entire running order in the name of That Music List has helped polarise some of my decisions on whom to see. I don't think I'm going to have any less packed a weekend than usual among the trains, stages and very good friends deep in the heart of the East Midlands this time.

Although it'll say "Friday 29th" on it, I'll try to get part two of this special online a few days in advance for you - little point advocating going to Indietracks with a List when the thing is already in full cry!

J x

THE HIDDEN CAMERAS – I Believe in the Good of Life (2004)

JUST HANDSHAKES (WE’RE BRITISH) – Falling Over Our Fear (2011)

JEFFREY LEWIS – Williamsburg Will Oldham Horror (2008)

MOUSTACHE OF INSANITY – Dancing with Emma (2011)

SLIPSLIDE [Graeme Elston] – Waiting for the Call (2001)

EX FACE PAINT [Oxo Foxo] – Ou Est Le Plage? (2011)

EDWYN COLLINS & THE DRUMS – In Your Eyes (2010)

EDWYN COLLINS – If You Could Love Me (1995)

ANGUISH SANDWICH - Guangzhou Romance Musical Instruments Co (2011)

THE PROCTORS – Wish MY Days Away (1994)

DIGNAN PORCH – Like It Was Again (2011)

AMOR DE DIAS – Bunhill Fields (2011)

GUATAFÁN – Cucurucho (2010)

FRANCES McKEE – Limbo (2006)

THE HISTORY OF APPLE PIE – You’re So Cool (2011)

VERY TRULY YOURS – I’d Write You a Song (2011)

BUTCHER BOY – Girls Make Me Sick (2007)

PAPA TOPO – Oso Panda (2010)

FRANKIE MACHINE – Gyproque (Plans & Apologies Remix) (2008)

A LITTLE ORCHESTRA – Chasing Sheep is Best Left to Shepherds (live at Jamm, Brixton) (2010)

A FINE DAY FOR SAILING – Summer Blonde (2010)


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