Wednesday, 20 October 2010

LIST 53 - 15/10/10

It's confirmed - the brand new releases from Trembling Blue Stars, namely an album and two EPs, will be the last.

With that ends 15 years' worth of, for the greater part, Bob Wratten soundtracking his own life with disarming, emotionally laid-bare candour and erudition under the TBS moniker, and at the same time him unwittingly putting to music those lives of mine and doubtless many others worldwide. The likes of Never Loved You More, Farewell to Forever, It's Easier to Smile and Dark Eyes, in particular, are almost painfully redolent of past, present and in all likelihood future chapters of my personal history.

As such, it's safe to assume that "All Our Tomorrows", included below and replete with something close to an official video from Elefant Records, will not be the only song from TBS's final batch to feature in these annals in the short term.

1995, the year TBS formed, was also the year Tindersticks released their favourite song of mine, the eight-minute deadpan narrative "My Sister", included here alongside a track from this year's album for 4AD. Grass Widow and Trash Kit, meanwhile, are included to cheer me up a bit, having managed to miss them play a gig literally a minute's walk from my office a couple of weeks ago owing to sheer volume of work. Unlucky!

RADAR BROTHERS – Horses Warriors (2010)

MAPS – It Will Find You (2007)

FALK UND DIE WIESE – Complicated (2010)


ST CHRISTOPHER – As Good as Married (1996)

SPC ECO – Like It Is (2010)

TINDERSTICKS – Black Smoke (2010)

TINDERSTICKS – My Sister (1995)

TRICKY – Murder Weapon (2010)

MAGNETIC FIELDS – California Girls (2008)

LOW SEA – Berlin (2010)

THE WEEK THAT WAS – Scratch the Surface (2008)

TREMBLING BLUE STARS – All Our Tomorrows (2010)

MOSTAR SEVDAH REUNION – Gondže ružo (2007)

GRASS WIDOW – Fried Egg (2010)

TRASH KIT – Bugsy (2008)

FSK – Euro-Trash Girl (1996)


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