Thursday, 5 August 2010

LIST 43 - 06/08/10

On playing the Silver Columns track the other day, the second thing that entered my head (after "this is quite good, isn't it!") was that it bore more than a passing resemblance to John Foxx's 1981 hit "Europe After The Rain". Not a plagiaristic resemblance, just a resemblance. See what you think.

The reappearances of both Emma Pollock and the ageless Teenage Fanclub have been long-awaited on these pages - the latter's "Baby Lee" is what was played (for close to the first time, if not *the* first time) at Indietracks last year as "Geddy Lee", supposedly in honour of the Rush bassist of the same name!

Elsewhere, the "Neon Lights" played by former June Brides mainstay Phil Wilson *is* the Kraftwerk song; and the piece interpreted by messrs Jarousky and Namura *does* date from 1678 (originally written by Henry Purcell) - you've read the date right...

HAZEL WINTER – Death Row Bride (2004)

TOWN BIKE – Dougie (2008)

EMMA POLLOCK – Red Orange Green (2010)

TULLYCRAFT – Georgette Plays a Goth (2007)

SILVER COLUMNS – Cavalier (Time and Space Machine Remix) (2010)

JOHN FOXX – Europe After The Rain (1981)

TEENAGE FANCLUB – Baby Lee (2010)

PIPAS – Run Run Run (2006)

LCD SOUNDSYSTEM – I Can Change (2010)

LCD SOUNDSYSTEM – Losing My Edge (2002)

SERENA-MANEESH – Reprobate (live) (2009)

WARPAINT – Elephants (2010)

PHIL WILSON – Neon Lights (2008)

LABRADFORD – Comfort (1995)

CHRIS T-T – Nintendo (2010)

SUMMER CATS – Maybe Pile (2009)

MARTIN ALFREDSSON – Kosmonaut (2010)

PURCELL / PHILIPPE JAROUSSKY / YOKO NAMURA – Music for a While (1678 / 2007)

THE MOTIFS – Set of Wheels (2007)

MATT & KIM – Yea Yeah (2006)


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