Friday, 10 September 2010

LIST 47 - 03/09/10

I'm always willing to be surprised by an act I've never hitherto thought much of, and MGMT's splendid piece of chamber pop is probably the latest case in point - far more interesting and better executed to my mind than anything on the "Time to Pretend" album, though the comparatively modest sales of both single and parent album suggest this isn't the more widely held view. Bah.

Elsewhere this week, there's an Eels here and now feature, with the newer track evidently coming from the first of two albums slated for 2010. The Rodolfo Halffter composition marks a first foray into comptemporary South American classical music for this site, and similarly I don't think we've had too many Field Mice-influenced solo projects from Finland prior to Matador Jose!

Finally, and inexcusably overdue, for which apologies, I've given over the last few minutes to Frank Sidebottom by way of a tribute to his earthly keeper Chris Sievey, who as you'll know lost his battle with cancer this summer. Although mostly catching Chris's output in the Freshies retrospectively, I do remember hearing the first Radio Timperley Frank ever did on the James H Reeve show for Piccadilly Radio (I don't know if this was the first one ever) on the evening of broadcast. There's a near-complete set of all his Oink! cartoons in the other room, too.

To this undefatigable, eternally youthful, relentlessly optimistic comic creation I wish a fond farewell, and say thank you for the memories.

MGMT – It’s Working (2010)

LAURA VEIRS – July Flame (2010)

TULLYCRAFT – Twee (2002)

HEALTH – USA Boys (2010)

BARBATUQUES – Barbapapa’s Groove (2007)

PILOT CLOUD – The Swell (2010)

MATADOR JOSE – I Sure Will Miss You (2007)

EELS – Spectacular Girl (2010)

EELS – Novocaine for the Soul (1996)

THE FAUNS – Understand (2009)

SPAGHETTI ANYWHERE – Incredible Hulk (2010)


THE PRESETS – This Boy’s in Love (2008)


TO MY BOY – Antarctica (2010)

HEAVENLY – P.U.N.K. Girl (1993)

PATRICK WOLF – Bluebells (2006)

CLEM SNIDE – Walmart Parking Lot (2010)

BEIRUT – No Dice (2009)

FRANK SIDEBOTTOM – Mr Custard (Channel M Test Card Version) (2007)

FRANK SIDEBOTTOM – Mull of Timperley (1987)


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