Friday, 10 September 2010

LIST 48 - 10/09/10

A few favourites from a while back return with new produce in this list (though in some cases it's been out a few weeks and I've just missed it. Oops). The New Pornographers' "Sing Me Spanish Techno" is still one of the Youtube clips I return to the most, with both song and video guaranteed to make me smile. "Crash Years" is reassuringly up to par, and features lead vocals this time from what I presume must be Neko Case rather than Carl Newman, unless the latter has had an accident recently.

Teki Latex's contribution owes more than a little to Kraftwerk, likewise the Pipettes to Sophie Ellis-Bextor's first solo album, but don't let that damn either with faint praise, as pale facsimiles they are not. Cath Carroll, who - frighteningly for those of us who remember her as the fresh-faced singer / guitarist with C86 act Miaow - turned 50 earlier this year, gets the then and now treatment, whilst the terrifically named Mike Baker The Bike Maker offers up old school perv hiphop over some footage of Russ Meyer's notorious Return to the Valley of the Dolls. Oh, don't pull a face - it's not like I've uploaded The Human Centipede without warning you...

All this and I still haven't mentioned the triumphant return of James Yuill with another contender for my favourite single of the year (as "No Pins Allowed" had been in 2008), or that set-closers Elliot Jack play at the Midlands Art Centre at the Yardbird Jazz Club in Birmingham this Saturday, September 11th at 6pm. That endorsement for their innovative, warm-hearted electronica would have stood even if I hadn't worked with their bassist for two years way back when...

ARCADE FIRE – Ready to Start (2010)

TEKI LATEX – Dinosaurs with Guns (2010)

PSAPP – I Want That (2008)

DAVID HB DRAKE – Food of our Fathers (2007)

BRIAN – Understand (1992)

THE PIPETTES – Stop the Music (2010)

AIRIEL – Thinktank (2007)

THE NEW PORNOGRAPHERS – Crash Years (2010)

JAMES YUILL – On Your Own (2010)

CATH CARROLL – It All Looks Good on You (2010)

CATH CARROLL – Moves Like You (1991)

DATAROCK – The Pretender (2009)

THE DENTISTS – I Had an Excellent Dream (1985)

THE FLYERS & MIKE SONAR – Signalica (Original Mix) (2010)

JANINA ANGEL BATH – Life Everlasting Flowers part one (2009)

PLASTICINES - Loser (2007)


SHE & HIM – Thieves (2010)

ELLIOT JACK – Go Home To The People That You Love (2008)


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