Sunday, 13 November 2011

LIST 76 - 12/11/11 (25th anniversary of Indie Top 20 - part two)

Hello again,

Herewith as promised part two of the Indie Top 20 retrospective, and lots of happy musical memories for me. Should it interest, and I doubt it will, the chopped-down version of Triangle by The Field Mice exclusive to volume 10 was my first encounter of Sarah Records - some years later, I got a letter from Matt Haynes suggesting not many other people, if any, have got into the label via that track specifically. Fine as it is, the full nine-minute-and-then-some version from the Skywriting album absolutely knocks it out of the park, but you fine people know that already.

More through accident than skill, there are actually two connections between this List and indiepop mainstays Milky Wimpshake, who might rightfully have featured on one of these volumes had they had their time, what, 15 or 20 years earlier? True Love Will Find You In the End, here read by Spectrum, has been a staple of the Wimpshake's live sets for well over a decade (as part of a mash-up of sorts with a cover of Jonathan Richman's Don't Let Our Youth Go to Waste), whilst Brilliant Corners' Delilah Sands was apparently the inspiration behind Alice Nebulae from last year's Wimpshake long-player My Funny Social Crime.

Cover versions all the way tomorrow as part of this weekend's triple whammy. For the time being, though, over to Thurston et al for a cover version of sorts from all of 25 years ago;

J x

CICCONE YOUTH – Into the Groove(y) (1986)

THE SUNDAYS – Joy (1989)

THE GOD MACHINE – Home (1992)

THE CHESTERF!ELDS – Ask Johnny Dee (1986)

COMPULSION – Mall Monarchy (1994)


THE WOLFHOUNDS – Happy Shopper (1989)

PALE SAINTS – Fine Friend (1994)

COOKIE CREW – Females (Get On Up) (1987)


SLOWDIVE – Alison (1993)

THE PIXIES – Dig for Fire (1990)

THE BRILLIANT CORNERS – Delilah Sands (1987)

SPIREA-X – Chlorine Dream (1991)

WIRE – Silk Skin Paws (1988)

SPECTRUM – True Love Will Find You in the End (1992)

THE FAMILY CAT – Steamroller (1992)

THE FIELD MICE – Triangle (Indie Top 20 Vol. 10 edit) (1990)

LOOP – Arc-Lite (1989)

SANDIE SHAW – Nothing Less Than Brilliant (1988)


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