Saturday, 17 September 2011

LIST 67 - 16/09/11

Hello again,

Back to a general mix of stuff this week, including something close to the "compare and contrast" feature Annie Nightingale regularly used to run. If Let's Whisper's borrowing of the chorus to The Field Mice's "Willow" for their new single wasn't by design, I'll eat my socks! Either way, it's a lovely track, and a trip to York to see them play with Standard Fare a fortnight hence is already in the diary.

Inclusions of tracks by the recently dearly departed usually concern musicians, but the loss of snooker referee Len Ganley this week just gone absolutely had to be commemorated with an appearance of "his" song here.

Elsewhere, and with the seventh anniversary of his passing not so many weeks away now, I wonder what Peel would have made of "About A Girl", part of an entire Little Roy album comprising roots reggae covers of Nirvana tracks (and this 20 years to the week since "Nevermind" was released, though not all the tracks on Roy's work are from that album). I reckon he'd have bloody loved it. I know I do.

J x

TODDLA T – Take it Back (2011)

HALF MAN HALF BISCUIT – The Len Ganley Stance (1986)

I’M FROM BARCELONA – Always Spring (2011)

PAISLEY AND CHARLIE – Julia Misbehaves (2010)

ST VINCENT – Cruel (2011)

LIANNE HALL – Telephone in a Foreign City (2010)

CASSOLETTE – Cars (2011)

DAVID WRENCH – A Radical Song (1816 / 2010)

THE RAPTURE – How Deep is Your Love? (2011)

THE RAPTURE – The Chair That Squeaks (1998)

LET’S WRESTLE – In Dreams Part II (2011)

LET’S WHISPER – All Happy Endings (2011)

THE FIELD MICE – Willow (1991)

AUSTRA – Lose It (2011)

TINARIWEN – Tenere Taqhim Tossam (2011)

THE VERY MOST – Patricia (2010)

LITTLE ROY – About A Girl (2011)

DARREN HANLON – The Unmade Bed (2004)


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