Monday, 25 July 2011

LIST 61 - 29/07/11 (Indietracks Festival special, part two)

Hello there,

As promised, herewith part two of my preview of The Best Music Festival Of Them All (that's not up for discussion, incidentally :-) ), and also as promised I've put it up a few days before the usual Friday List day. Between the two lists, I think I've managed to find something for all bar about six of the performing acts - apologies to those concerned.

One or two new contenders for my favourite single of the year in this list, too, not least the splendid effort by Crystal Stilts. The rest isn't half bad, either. Really really. Enjoy!

J x

BERLIN BRIDES – Ballad for the Touch-Deprived (2011)

MILKY WIMPSHAKE – Alice Nebulae (2010)

MODEL VILLAGE – 19 (live at Roadtrip Bar, Hoxton) (2011)


CRYSTAL STILTS – Shake The Shackles (2011)

NEXT TIME PASSIONS – Painter Girl (1993)

THE SWEET NOTHINGS – Peace, Love and International Socialism(live at the Brixton Windmill, 07/05/11) (2011)

CHRIS T-T – We Are the King of England (2008)

WORLD OF FOX – Grumpy Man Blues (Shed session) (2011)


HOROWITZ – I Need A Blanket (2007)

BAND Á PART – Una Persona Normal Con Gafas De Metal (2011)

PERU – Drift On (1995)

VICTORIA AND JACOB – Blackbird (2010)

POCKETBOOKS – Camera Angles (Ian and Emma live acoustic) (2011)

THE GARLANDS – Open Arms (2010)

HAIKU SALUT – Piano Suite (live at The Maze, Nottingham) (2010)

ZIPPER – Lunes Por La Mañana (2010)

THE WHATEVERS – Rhapsody in Blue Jeans (2010)

ACE BUSHY STRIPTEASE – Michael Kightly is Pretty Rad (live) (2008)

TINY FIREFLIES – Don’t Wait Until I Fall Asleep (2010)

JONNY – Candyfloss (2011)

HERMAN DUNE – Tell Me Something I Don’t Know (2011)

THE WENDY DARLINGS – Girls from Japan (2011)


Blogger Nocode198 said...

Great list! But that is not Victoria & Jacob. They don't look like that and I am pretty sure they haven't just started doing Beatles covers in forests.

28 July 2011 at 13:28  
Blogger Jeremy Grayson said...

Ach, on closer inspection you're right! The perils of compiling something at 2am in the morning, silly me. I'll post an erratum in List 63, which will include "There's A War" by the *real* Victoria and Jacob! To compound the misery, I managed to miss them at Indietracks due to a clash, and I'm told they were superb. Cheers for getting in touch and putting me right - J :-)

12 August 2011 at 23:49  

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