Sunday, 21 August 2011

LIST 63 - 19/08/11

Hello again,

Back to a regular, non-themed mish-mash once more for this week, though with Victoria And Jacob's inclusion I'm ensuring the memories of Indietracks 2011 continue to linger on (and there's plenty more where that came from yet...).

Apropos of Victoria And Jacob, many thanks to the correspondent who pointed out that the Victoria And Jacob whose cover of "Blackbird" I included the other week almost certainly wasn't the actual synthpop duo Victoria And Jacob who played at Butterley. Does that mean that after 60-odd Lists and over 1,200 tracks I've finally dropped a factual bollock? Alas, it would appear so. Placing something in this List from the real Victoria And Jacob was therefore the least I could do. That and thrashing myself with a broken bottle and listening to the Viva Brother album by way of punishment.

Actually I didn't listen to the Viva Brother album. I'd been bad, but not *that* bad...

J x

BELLE AND SEBASTIAN – Come On Sister (2010)

ART BRUT – Lost Weekend (2011)

GIORGIO TUMA – Imaginary Soundtrack for Yuri Norstein (2011)

THE NOTES – Awake (2010)

AIAS – Quan Tornis Demà (2010)

SKINNY GIRL DIET – Eyes (2011)

AT SWIM TWO BIRDS – I Must Be Losing You (2009)

WENDY JAMES – Municipal Blues (Live) (2011)

PATRICK WOLF – House (2011)

PRINCESS CHELSEA – Monkey Eats Bananas (2009)

BEARSUIT – When Will I Be Queen? (2011)

BEARSUIT – Hey Charlie Hey Chuck (2001)

VICTORIA AND JACOB – There is a War (2011)

NODZZZ – Ye Olde Indian Towne (2010)

GRUFF RHYS – Shark Ridden Waters (2010)

TTC – Leguman (2000)

PEACH KELLI POP – Doo Wah Diddy (2010)

THE HIT PARADE – There’s Something About Mary (2011)

SPAGHETTI ANYWHERE – Girlfriends with Boyfriends (2009)

SLEIGH BELLS – Infinity Guitars (2010)

THE UNTHANKS – Starless (2011)

FOXES! – The Panda Bear Song (2011)


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