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LIST 62 - 12/08/11 (cover versions special)

Hello again,

Don't worry - last week's absence doesn't presage another huge hiatus from That Music List. I just came back to a larger post-Indietracks workload than I'd envisaged. Needless to say, it was another stellar weekend down in Butterley, and maybe all the better for the smaller number of well-known acts than previously as it meant more nice surprises.

If it doesn't seem too divisive to nominate favourites, I'd have to go for Haiku Salut, Moustache Of Insanity, The Wendy Darlings, The Garlands, Frankie Machine, Amore De Dias, The Hidden Cameras, Edwyn Collins, Tiny Fireflies, Very Truly Yours, Math & Physics Club, White Town (impromptu acoustic set), Oxo Foxo (both of her lovely, kids-oriented sets) and above all The Sweet Nothings. The superb set of the last-named on the Sunday afternoon was all the more joyous, having continued to see these Sheffield chums of mine come on leaps and bounds in recent months (not least during their July tour).

As usual, such a shame that it had to come to an end after three perfect days, but also as usual, there are treasured memories from the weekend to take to the grave. Really really.

This week's List comprises cover versions and cover versions only, though not all obvious or well-known by any means and only one bothered the charts in the interpretation presented. This List has been in the compiling for quite some time, with Wanda Jackson's "You Know I'm No Good" practically the first thing added weeks ago, before the original performer's tragic passing. If not originally included as a tribute to Amy Winehouse, then, I certainly don't mind anyone regarding it as such.

Returning to the Indietracks theme, finally, two clips from that festival feature in the List, including the one which garnered the most votes (by some margin) when the official Indietracks blog polled readers just before this year's renewal as to what their favourite ever performanceat Butterley was. For those who may need a clue before reading further down, think of a keyboard-prodding Spaniard dressed as a spaceman...

J x

FELIX KUBIN – Lighting Strikes (2009)

WANDA JACKSON – You Know I’m No Good (2010)

CARDIACS – Suzannah’s Still Alive (1988)

EUX AUTRES – My Love Will Not Let You Down (2009)

JAMES FIGURINE – Blinded by the Lights (200x)

THE MOTORCYCLE BOY – Run Run Run (1990)

THE JUST JOANS – All The Umbrellas in London (live in London) (2010)

DAVE STEWART & COLIN BLUNSTONE – What Becomes... (1981)

THE SUNNY STREET – What Is Love (2008)

THE FIELD MICE – Burning World (live in London, 16/02/91) (1991)

THE HIGH LLAMAS – At the Chime of a City Clock (1992)

WORLD OF FOX – Jeane (live at Indietracks) (2011)

FLYING SAUCER ATTACK - Outdoor Miner (1995)


LYKKE LI – After Laughter (Comes Tears) (2009)

THE CAT’S MIAOW – Baby I Love You (1996)

FATHER MURPHY – There Is A War (2010)

KATHY McCARTHY – Grievances (1995)

TRACEY THORN & JENS LEKMAN – Yeah! Oh Yeah! (2009)

LAETITIA SADIER – Summertime (2010)

LA CASA AZUL – Love is in the Air (live at Indietracks) (2009)


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