Friday, 26 August 2011

LIST 64 - 26/08/11

Hello again,

Still the Indietracks festival of this year casts its influence over That Music List all of four weeks on, albeit this time in the most delightful form of a brand new White Town single with a video filmed entirely at the festival itself!

Jyoti Mishra wasn't actually on this year's "official" line-up, for want of a better expression, but as indiepop royalty - and indiepop royalty from just up the road from the Butterley venue, at that - his presence at this event is always a cause of cheer.

That new output seemed like as good an excuse as any to make White Town the Then And Now subject for this week, so there's something he put out 14 years earlier included as well (and not "Your Woman", either).

Elsewhere, Moustache Of Insanity continue to be this year's gift that keeps on giving, courtesy of an indiepop-bitcore crossover b-side that sets the plot and gameplay of the old Donkey Kong arcade game to music; and it's also a pleasure to welcome back to action the likes of Howling Bells, Sourpatch, Lo-Fi-FNK, Rosie Taylor Project and Peter Bjorn & John for the first time in a while.

The inclusion of "Mathematically Safe" will confuse some, but it's one of only a couple of songs I could find which mentions Cartmel - the home of sticky toffee pudding, Britain's most cheerily eccentric racecourse, and my favourite place on earth. I'm off up there tomorrow for more pudding, racing and eccentricity. Self-indulgent, moi?

Oh, and the other song I could think of was an Eliza Carthy number. But you probably all shouted that at the screen way ahead of me. :-)

J x

MASCOT FIGHT – That’s A Photocopier (Not A Chair) (2007)

TIGERCATS – Banned at the Troxy (2011)

TENNISCOATS – Baibaba Bimba (2007)

MOUSTACHE OF INSANITY – The Monkey and My Princess (2011)


CULTS – Go Outside (2010)

STANDARD FARE – Suitcase (2011)

WHITE TOWN – She’s A Lot Like You (2011)

WHITE TOWN – The Death of My Desire (1997)

WHITE WISHES – Come And Say Hello (2011)

NICOLE ATKINS – Vultures (2011)

THE DEIRDRES – Milk is Politics (2008)

LO-FI-FNK – Boom (2011)

PETER, BJORN AND JOHN – Dig A Little Deeper (2011)

KEY LOSERS – Cheap Display (2011)

PANDA BEAR – Last Night at the Jetty (2010)

SOURPATCH – Cynthia Ann (2011)

CASSOLETTE – Not Just Anyone (2010)

HALF MAN HALF BISCUIT – Mathematically Safe (2000)

HOWLING BELLS – Into the Sky (2011)

VERONICA FALLS – Bad Feeling (2011)

THE HERMIT CRABS – About You Before (2008)


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