Friday, 30 September 2011

LIST 69 - 30/09/11

Hello again,

A general mixture for you again this week, including what must be the best ever stab at marrying doo-wop and shoegaze (The Louche FC); the engine room of New Order reimagined in spooky, sparse, acid splashes (Gillian and Stephen); a fantastically creepy track from the godmother of Welsh indie that I've somehow managed to overlook for nearly two years (Annalogue); and a reminder that the finest Nottingham band ever to walk the Earth isn't, wasn't and ain't ever gonna be any of these mentioned in the Guardian's article on the city's music scene this week (The Melons).

The joy of the week's latest musical discoveries has, however, been overshadowed markedly by the discovery today that Peter Sykes, guitarist with This Many Boyfriends, died of a brain haemorrhage earlier in the week. Upwardly mobile following a couple of great singles in recent months (of which "Young Lovers Go Pop!" concludes this List in Peter's memory) and one of the star turns of Indietracks 2010, the band will doubtlessly be much the poorer without him as member and friend. That Music List offers its unreserved condolences to Peter's family and friends.

J x

PAPA TOPO – La Chica Vampira (2011)

ALCIAN BLUE – Frozen Sleep (2006)

DARREN HANLON – I Waited for the 17 (2011)

ANNALOGUE – Tony Wilson (2009)

THE LOUCHE FC – Only in a Dream (2011)

ACID HOUSE KINGS – Under Water (2011)

THE RETROSPECTIVES – It’s All Mine (2010)

I’M BEING GOOD – Thaddeus, Mask Of Thaddeus (2011)

I’M BEING GOOD – Flat Response (1994)

SCROOBIUS PIP – Let Em Come (2011)

LONEY, DEAR – My Heart (2011)

THE MELONS – Fast Lane (1997)

LYKKE LI – I Follow Rivers (2011)

DUTCH UNCLES – Cadenza (2011)

TENDER TRAP – Dansette Dansette (live at Indietracks) (2010)

GILLIAN AND STEPHEN – FF (Gabe Remix) (2011)

THIS MANY BOYFRIENDS – Young Lovers Go Pop! (2011)


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