Friday, 17 June 2016

LIST 207 - 17/06/16

Hello there,

Very occasionally, That Music List runs the risk of aligning itself with current affairs!  The opening track from Helen Love is, of course, a paean to the young man who could yet do plenty to ensure that Wales venture further into the Euro 2016 championships than any other home nation, whilst at the same time reigniting her association with football songs which dates back nearly twenty years to Superlove's splendid, Banana Splits theme tune-apeing Cardiff City Superstars.

The closing track, meanwhile, should leave the listener in little doubt as to which side of the Remain/Leave fence this particular List compiler falls.  Next week's List will be compiled whilst either in a state of high relief (no celebration in this parish) or inconsolable despair...

J xx

HELEN LOVE – A Boy from Wales Called Gareth Bale (2016)

BELLE & SEBASTIAN - Nobody's Empire (2015)

THE MEL-O-TONES – I Walked with a Bugs Bunny Bendy Toy (1985)

PATIENCE – The Church (2016)

JOANA SERRAT ft NEIL HALSTEAD - Cloudy Heart (2016)

CUB - Freaky (1996)

WORMSTAR – Better Reasons (2015)

THE MAGNETIC NORTH - Pennylands (2016)

BRIAN ENO – Signals (1983)

PEACH KELLI POP - Hundred Dollar Bill (2016)

BLANCMANGE – Red Shift (Blame Thrower) (2016)

THE GOSSIP – Arkansas Heat (2002)

THE BLESSED ISLES - Caroline (2016)

MBONGWANA STAR - Suzanna (2015)

HALF MAN HALF BISCUIT - Upon Westminster Bridge (2005)

ARSENIC! - Everyday (2016)


ALIEN MUTATION – Alqa (1994)

BILLY RUFFIAN - Exit Pursued by Boris (2016)


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