Sunday, 17 June 2012

LIST 84 - 22/06/12 (Indietracks Festival special, part one)

Well hello there!

Proof, were it needed, that there's nothing more certain in life than death, taxes and That Music List, I'm happy to bring you this first of, ooh, I'd imagine twenty-odd, new episodes of the last-named between now and the end of the year.  Season four of That Music List, if you will, given this exercise in filling a notional 80ish-minute CDR with interesting music has been undertaken in each of the last three years also.

There'll be the usual programme of miscellaneous and themed Lists, and it's straight to an example of the latter this time with the first of two specials fanfaring this summer's forthcoming Indietracks festival - my absolute highlight of the year music-wise, as many will remember.  With the ongoing presence in London of the Olympics during what would be the normal Indietracks weekend this year, the 2012 renewal of the latter has been brought forward three weeks - as, therefore, has the need to offer you some links of some of the choice fare in store!

In the event I've managed to find something to offer you for most of the acts confirmed as playing at the time of typing this - apologies to exceptions such as The Sunbathers, Markie Plays Girlpop and Themakingof (the last-named are NOT to be confused with the earnest German landfill indie types whom I did find on that there Youtube in quantity...).

Happy listening, and see you again in seven days' time.

J x

THE MONOCHROME SET – Jet Set Junta (1982)

THE SMITTENS – Burning Streets of Rome (2012)

STEVIE JACKSON – Dead Man’s Fall (2011)

THE HOBBES FANCLUB – Outside Myself (2011)

COLOUR ME WEDNESDAY – Unicorn in Uniform (2010)

ELECTROPHŐNVINTAGE – Where You’re Not (2008)

THIS MANY BOYFRIENDS – (I Should Be A) Communist (2012)

ORCA TEAM – I Dream (2011)

T.O.Y.S – Fun Time for the Love Shy (2011)

COSINES – Hey Sailor Boy (Live at the Lexington) (2012)

LOVE DANCE – Skisse 3 (2012)
VACACIONES - No me digas que me quieres (2003)

JOANNA GRUESOME – Lemonade Grrrl (2012)

BART AND FRIENDS – There May Come  A Time (2012)

THE ABC CLUB – White Lies (2012)

SEA LIONS – I Should Be Sleeping (2011)

MINIBAR - Tienes que venir (a Indietracks) (live I Planeta Amarillo Fest) (2012)

THE JUST JOANS – Hideous Accident (2009)

THE SILVER FACTORY – If Words Could Kill (2012)

THE JUNE BRIDES – Sunday to Saturday (1984)

VERONICA FALLS – Starry Eyes (FD Acoustic Session) (2011)

STANDARD FARE – Crystal Palatial (2012)

THE ROSIE TAYLOR PROJECT – Every Morning (And For The Rest Of Our Lives) (2012)