Wednesday, 11 July 2012

LIST 87 - 13/07/12

Ey up,

It's the fourth list of season four of That Music List today, and a wee bit more laden with 2012 material than last week's fellow mish-mash assortment. 

Quite a few returns to note, here, including the peerless Magnetic Fields (steel yourself for Stephin Merritt as never seen before in the video, by the way...), the now two-piece School Of Seven Bells, Liechtenstein, The Shins (subject of this week's Then And Now feature), Ladyhawke and Errors.  Do watch out for the theme tune to a certain long-running BBC kids' TV show lurking within the other selections, though, along with a superb pastiche of early-1990s indie (replete this time, however, with kittens and nosedirt!).


J xx

ALLO DARLIN’ – Wu Tang Clan (2011)

THE MAGNETIC FIELDS – Andrew in Drag (2012)


SYD DALE – Marching There and Back (1969 / 2002)

LIECHTENSTEIN – Strange Ideas (2012)

LOW – Especially Me (2011)

CORNERSHOP - What Did The Hippie Have In His Bag? (2011)

THE SHINS – Simple Song (2012)

THE SHINS – My Seventh Rib (1998)

LADYHAWKE – Black White and Blue (2012)

THE GOOD NATURED – Skeleton (2011)

RATHERGOOD.COM – When I Had a Cold (2011)

LIGHTSHIPS – Two Lines (2012)

ERRORS – Pleasure Places (2012)

PINEY GIR – Outta Sight (2011)

MARTHA – Standing Where It All Began (2012)

PHILIP GLASS – Opening (1982)


JOANNA GRUESOME – Madison (2012)


LIST 86 - 06/07/12

Hello there,

By the time this gets uploaded, your List editor and compiler will be on his way down to Butterley for a long weekend of indiepop, ale, steam trains and - judged by the forecast - trenchfoot.  No doubt in mind, though, that Indietracks will be worth putting up with a bit of precipitation, and it sounds as if a lot of other outdoor events across the British isles just now are faring much worse.

Be that all as it may.  Here's the first general mish-mash List of this season - still quite 2011-heavy (that's just down to the big backlog of quality stuff I've got to upload from last year, I'm afraid), but at the same time also including my front-runner for Single of the Year 2012.  Yes, that'll be your single right there, Elizabeth... Chuffed to bits, incidentally, to learn that the sophomore Allo Darlin' album was recorded in Mossley, barely what, five miles away from where I was born and raised?  Coo, come to the Saddleworth/Tameside border - it's where the indiepop is at, folks. 

...And finding out that the recording studio is run by the former frontwoman of the short-lived but absolutely glorious mid-1990s Manc grrrrlpunk act Thrush Puppies just finished me off...

J xx

THE LOVELY EGGS – Panic Plants (2011)

THE WEEKND – House of Balloons / Glass Table Girls (2011)

MAZZY STAR – Common Burn (2011)

LOOK BLUE GO PURPLE – Cactus Cat (1986)

ALLO DARLIN’ – Capricornia (2012)

MIRACLE FORTRESS – Miscalculations (2011)

LOW – You See Everything (2011)

CSS ft Ssion – City Grrrl (2011)

FRANKIE ROSE – Know Me (2012)

INSPIRAL CARPETS – You’re So Good For Me (2012)

INSPIRAL CARPETS – Butterfly (1988)

FEVER RAY – The Wolf (2011)

REINA REPUBLICANA – Clonidina (2011)

LA GARÇONNE – Super Hero (2012)

COLOUR ME WEDNESDAY – Holiday from Your Life (demo) (2011)

BUTCHER BOY – The Day Our Voices Broke (2011)

AUTOROTATION – Mothers (2011)

COLA JET SET – Candy (2011)


LIST 85 - 29/06/12 (Indietracks Festival special, part two)

Hello again!

As promised, herewith the other half of this year's guide to the great and good of the very best little festival of them all.  Here's a sobering thought - with the 2013 renewal set to return to its normal berth at the last weekend of July, there'll be a record 55 weeks between this year's festy and next.  How will I cope...

J x

ALLO DARLIN’ – Tallulah (2012)

TIGERCATS – Full Moon Reggae Party (2012)

THE YOUNG ROMANCE – Swollen Hearts, Bitten Tongues (2011)

LIECHTENSTEIN – No Idealists Left (2012)

BALLBOY – National Trust (Pittenweem Session) (2011)

THE BIRTHDAY KISS – Choking (2012)

SEPTEMBER GIRLS – Hells Bells (2011)

ECHO LAKE – Another Day (2011)

DARREN HAYMAN – Nothing You Can Do About It (2010)

ROBBERIE – Four Seasons (live at Sparklecoustic, Sheffield) (2012)

GOLDEN GRRRLS – New Pop (2011)

MIKROFISCH – Are Kisses Out Of Fashion? (2011)

GOLD-BEARS – All Those Years (2011)

LANGUAGE OF FLOWERS – Tara Mascara (2004)

THE JASMINE MINKS – Where the Traffic Goes (1984)

THE 10p MIXES – My Horse (live at Danielle’s flat) (2009)

VELODROME 2000 – Look Sir, Droids! (Peel Session) (1998)

THE SCHOOL – Never Thought I’d Never See The Day (2012)

TENDER TRAP - ¿Como Te Llamas? (2006)

DOGGY - Je suis né sur un bateau (2009)

GO SAILOR – Together Forever in Love (1996)

THE WEREWANDAS – [song and venue unknown] (live) (2011)

EVANS THE DEATH – Catch Your Cold (2012)

WHITE TOWN – Death in Kettering (live at Indietracks 2011)