Friday, 31 January 2014

LIST 124 - 31/01/14 (an Elefant Records' 25th anniversary special, part one)

Hello there,

This week's List is the first of a two-part special celebrating the quarter-century of Spain's most enduring indiepop label.  

Founded by Luis Calvo in 1989, and operating out of León and more recently Madrid, Elefant's back catalogue effectively documents the rise of Spanish indiepop from its initial Sarah Records-inspired offerings (such as the "other" Usura, i.e. not the chart-bothering dance project of the same name from the same period) through to the present day's varied offshoots that incorporate anything from easy listening to punk... 

And this it has done whilst simultaneously racking up an impressive body of work from both new and established talents from the UK, Sweden, Germany, France and elsewhere.  For the purposes of this exercise, though, I've tried to refrain from including singles released elsewhere that Elefant licensed for Spain and surrounding territories - wonderful as it would have been to include the likes of the Frank Blake single released elsewhere on Shoeshine...

Researching these two lists washed up some surprising names among Elefant's not insubstantial bank of one-off singles - yes, that really was a Cranes single released on the label 12 years ago.  With the exceptions of Po! and Ivy, most of what I wanted to upload I was able to find online, so enjoy!

J x

BMX BANDITS – Quand il n’y a plus d’amour (2009)

THE LOVELIES – Happy Wednesday (1992)

LE MANS – Con Peru En La Playa (1994)

TREMBLING BLUE STARS – Hurry Home Through the Crowds (2004)

BAND À PART – Verano Azul, Invierno Nuclear (2013)

LA SINTESIS – September (1992)

THE SCHOOL – Let It Slip (2008)

ST CHRISTOPHER – Young Nun (1995)


VELODROME 2000 –Sindy Sex Aid (19xx)

ORANGE CAKE MIX – Honeybee (1997)

CAMERA OBSCURA – Keep It Clean (2003)

HELEN LOVE – Junk Shop Discotheque (2006)

SPEEDMARKET AVENUE – You Can’t Follow (2012)

CRANES – The Moon City (demo version) (2002)

STEREO TOTAL – No Controles (2009)

THE CARROTS – Doing Our Part (2008)

COOPER – Arizona (2011)

COLA JET SET – En Esta Pista Ya No Se Puede Bailar (2009)

THE RILEYS – Someday (1992)

TELEVISION PERSONALITIES – The Good Anarchist (2008)

Thursday, 23 January 2014

LIST 123 - 24/01/14 (a sixth Then and Now special)

Hello there,

It's another collection of pairs of tracks this week, one old and one new (in a couple of cases barely released) from each featured act.  A few acts here that I didn't presume to be including in the present tense again, I must say - Cinerama being one such, although whether "I Wake Up Screaming" presages a full-scale comeback from this particular David Gedge project after a 10-year hiatus remains to be seen.

Great to be able to include a couple of real cult faves.  Gabrielle's Wish seem to have been Manchester's best-kept secret for nearly two decades now, shifting through a number of stylistic changes from the sinister, prowling noise-plus-tapes of their "Mither and Bobbins" and "Golded Up" EPs to the more melodic new offering presented here; whilst 2014 will see forthright, angry and often hilarious Hamburg punks Die Goldenen Zitronen complete exactly three decades in the business.

J x


BECK – Blue Moon (2014)

BECK – Beercan (1994)

THE POLYPHONIC SPREE – Popular By Design (2013)

THE POLYPHONIC SPREE – Light and Day (2002)

THE CANNANES – A Bigger Splash (2013)

THE CANNANES – Paper Bag (1987)

NINE INCH NAILS - Copy of a (2013)

NINE INCH NAILS – Down In It (1989)

CINERAMA – I Wake Up Screaming (2013)

CINERAMA –Kerry Kerry (1998)

DIE GOLDENEN ZITRONEN – Der Investor (2013)

DIE GOLDENEN ZITRONEN – 80.000.000 Hooligans (1991)

GABRIELLE’S WISH – I’ve Always Believed (2013)

GABRIELLE’S WISH – Go See The Doctor (1996) 

ED HARCOURT – Come into my Dreamland (2014)

ED HARCOURT – She Fell into my Arms (2001)

BOARDS OF CANADA – Come to Dust (2013)

BOARDS OF CANADA – Everything You Do is a Balloon (1996)

Thursday, 9 January 2014

LIST 122 - 10/01/14

Hello again,

All sorts in this week's selection, including the until now missed (by me) return of everybody's favourite robe-wearing multitude The Polyphonic Spree; one of countless amazing TV soundtracks written by the prolific Denton and Cook during the 1970s and 1980s (their "Before And After Science"-era Brian Eno pastiche for The Great Egg Race remains a personal favourite); and Mr Pete Dale giving it some serious welly in the terminal ambivalence stakes for just the second ever official Milky Wimpshake promo video in 20 years of existence.

J x

AU REVOIR SIMONE – Somebody Who (2013)

MILKY WIMPSHAKE – Without You (2013)

EMPRESS – If No Hope (1999)

SIGUR ROS - Ísjaki (2013)

HOPELESS LOCAL MARCHING BAND – Hopeless at Everything (2012)




THE WOLFHOUNDS – Cheer Up (2013)

THE WOLFHOUNDS – Rain Stops Play (1987)

HALO HALO – Taro Taro Taro (2013)

MAVIS STAPLES - I Like The Things About Me (2013)

ELASTICA – Miami Nice (2000)

THE FELT TIPS - Iron Lady (2013)

THE POLYPHONIC SPREE – You Don’t Know Me (2013)

THE BACHELOR PAD – Country Pancake (1989)

JAMES YUILL – The Rush (2013)

THE FLAMING LIPS – The Sun Blows Up (2013)

LIZ PHAIR – Carnivore (1993)

THE LEISURE SOCIETY – Fight for Everyone (2013)

SEPTEMBER GIRLS – Cursing the Sea (2013)

Saturday, 4 January 2014

LIST 121 - 03/01/14

Hello there,

Back to weekly posts for now, until I run out of time or stuff to share again.

It's a mixture once more this time, with a personal highlight being the radio session footage of an official "sequel" to the very much reactivated Popguns' 1989 single Waiting for the Winter.  Nobody's confirmed for Indietracks 2014 as yet, as far as I know, but I'd love to see Wendy Pickles et al making an appearance and I'm sure I'm not alone in thinking that.

The final two tracks are, sadly, tributes to two recent passings in the world of music - reggae stalwart Junior Murvin and (only this week, at the age of just 35) Benjamin Curtis from School Of Seven Bells.

J x

CHROMEO – Over Your Shoulder (2013)


AU REVOIR SIMONE - Crazy (2013)

U96 – Der Kommandant (1992)

FRANZ FERDINAND – Evil Eye (2013)

THEY MIGHT BE GIANTS - You're On Fire (2013)

VERONICA FALLS - Broken Toy (2013)

COVERGIRL – Ice Father Nation (2012)

THE HIGH LLAMAS – Giddy and Gay (1994)

ROBYN HITCHCOCK – The End of Time (2013)

LAKE - No Wonder I (2013)

BOARDS OF CANADA – 1969 (2002)

NEKO CASE – Man (2013)

NEKO CASE – Thanks a Lot (1997)

THE HIDDEN CAMERAS - Gay Goth Scene (2013)



THE POPGUNS – Still Waiting for the Winter (2013)

JUNIOR MURVIN – Police and Thieves (1976)

SCHOOL OF SEVEN BELLS – Face to Face on High Places (2007)