Friday, 27 February 2015

LIST 149 - 27/02/15

Hello there,

Whilst compiling this week's List this afternoon, the sad news of Leonard Nimoy's passing broke via the various news outlets.  

Cue a swift change to the end of today's running order to include a piece from the first of five albums by the actor, director, photographer and humanitarian.  You can kind of see where the narrative is heading quite some time before it reaches its climax, but it's no less resonant for that.  Rest in peace, Mr Nimoy, having indeed lived long and prospered as much as his most famous character would have advocated.

Elsewhere, this week I'm happy to share with you treats including ex-Pipette Gwenno revisiting her roots (mostly Welsh, but on the selected example Cornish) via the medium of some very fine dronepop; a predictably excellent collaboration between Maximo Park and Field Music's respective head fellows; a hitherto overlooked (by me, at least) effort from Knifeworld which confirms the activities and whereabouts of Kavus Torabi during Cardiacs' prolonged and probably permanent hiatus; and a previously promised original 1950s recording from the genuinely lost singer Connie Converse.

All this, plus a 2002 effort by Air sneaked out on the French music compilation I Hear Voices under the alias The Rainbow Brothers.  The accompanying fan video blows their cover completely, though, if you hadn't already guessed it from the music alone!

J xx

RATKING ft KING KRULE - So Sick Stories (2014)

LIGHTNING IN A TWILIGHT HOUR - Everyone Talks about the Weather (2015)

WORKING WEEK – Venceramos (1984)

PAUL SMITH AND PETER BREWIS - Los Angeles Street Cleaner (2014)

KNIFEWORLD - Don't Land on Me (2013)

CONNIE CONVERSE - Talkin' Like You (Two Tall Mountains) (195x)

GWENNO - Amser (2015)

EMMA KUPA – Half Sister (2015)

RAINBOW BROTHERS – 818.323.01 (2002)

TODD TERJE - Oh Joy (2014)


THE BLUEBELLS – Will She Always Be Waiting (1984)

LEVERET – New Anything / St Catherine (2015)

THE BUG - Pandi (2014)

THE WAVE PICTURES - I Could Hear the Telephone (3 Floors Above Me) (2015)


LEONARD NIMOY – A Visit to a Sad Planet (1967)

Friday, 20 February 2015

LIST 148 - 20/02/15

Hello again,

So, what to offer you this time?  

The return of misleadingly monikered Swedish indiepop choir I'm From Barcelona, for one.  

For another, my personal highlight of all of last year's Where It's At Is Where You Are Singles Club 7"s, a delectable piece of indiepop-cum-Stereolab-drone from the now Indietracks-bound The Leaf Library.  

It's a pleasure also to include one of Nat Johnson's reinterpretations of a song by (literally) lost 1950s singer-songwriter Connie Converse; a Big Youth track that'll be instantly recognisable to anyone who owns a copy of PJ Harvey's Let England Shake (the final track if you're in a hurry); and some leftie pinko subversion (it says here) from messrs Bragg and McCabe.

I'm especially fond of this List, all things considered :-)

J xx

PERSONAL BEST - Conkers (2014)

SKY FERREIRA – Night Time, My Time (2014)

THE BLUE AEROPLANES – Action Painting! (1985)

THE LEAF LIBRARY – The Greater Good (2014)

WITHERED HAND - Black Tambourine (2014)

GL - It Could Be You (2014)

A VISIBLE BOY – Side By Side (2002)

MARTHA - 1997 Passing in the Hallway (2014)

IBIBIO SOUND MACHINE - Let's Dance (Yak Unek Inek) (2014)

THE LA’S – Open Your Heart (198x)

KITTY, DAISY & LEWIS - Baby Bye Bye (2014)

SLUG - Running to Get Past Your Heart (2015)

KATE TEMPEST - The Beigeness (2014)

HARD CORPS – Dirty (1984)

NAT JOHNSON - How Sad, How Lovely (2014)

I'M FROM BARCELONA - Violins (2015)

BOARDS OF CANADA – The Beach at Redpoint (2002)

YOUNG ROMANCE - Pale (2014)

STE McCABE & BILLY BRAGG - Cockroach (2014)

BIG YOUTH – Whole Lot A Fire (12” mix) (197x)

Friday, 13 February 2015

LIST 147 - 13/02/15

Hello there,

Back to the general mix of stuff this week, including - but by no means limited to - one of the laugh-out-loud funniest Half Man Half Biscuit songs in ages (where does one find cathedral juice, by the way?); a stone cold Tommy Boy hip-hop classic by Stetsasonic (as later sampled in the chart hit Hazel by Loop-da-Loop); something from the latest and apparently last ever Ace Bushy Striptease album; and the first sighting on a List of teenage synth prodigy Henry Plotnick.  

You Don't Own Me was a track I'd only known of until recently in the shape of Marc Almond's 1980s interpretation of it; but the original is included here, of course, as a tribute to its creator, the trailblazing feminist singer-songwriter Lesley Gore who passed away only this week.

J xx


THE NIGHTINGALES – Crafty Fag (1983)

SEASURFER - Stay (2014)

ALVVAYS - Archie, Marry Me (2014)

TWO WHITE CRANES - On Keeping a Notebook (2013)

HALF MAN HALF BISCUIT - The Unfortunate Gwatkin (2014)

DUTCH UNCLES - In n Out (2015)

STETSASONIC  - Sally (1988)

ACE BUSHY STRIPTEASE - Ibiza Rocks (2014)

DJANGO DJANGO – First Light (2015)

THE WILL POUND BAND - 93 Not Out (2013)
THERAPY? – Hellbelly (1994)

FRESCHARD – Monsters (2014)

HENRY PLOTNICK - Field 5 (2013)

NOAHJOHN – Atlas Nails (2001)

JD MEATYARD - Four Kids Playing on Gaza Beach (2015)

REAL ESTATE - Had to Hear (2014)

MOON DUO – Slow Down Low (2015)

THE GO-BETWEENS – Cattle and Cane (1983)

LESLEY GORE – You Don’t Own Me (1963)

Friday, 6 February 2015

LIST 146 - 06/02/15 (a seventh Then and Now special)

Hello there,

Not been any of these since List 123 of January 2014, but here once again is a collection of pairs of tracks from some returning performers - one new(ish) and one not at all new in each instance.  

Certainly one or two acts here I wasn't expecting to refer to in the present tense again, not least the long-absent former On-U alumnus Gary Clail and the Edinburgh DIY/punkish singer-songwriter Dominic Waxing Lyrical.  Can it really be 17 years since I saw the latter, resplendently frocked, appearing on the bill at a Slampt all-dayer?

J xx

BELLE AND SEBASTIAN – The Party Line (2014)

BELLE AND SEBASTIAN – Dog on Wheels (1997)

BMX BANDITS – My Girl Midge (2014)

BMX BANDITS – Little Hands (1993)

HOLLY JOHNSON - Heaven's Eyes (2014)

HOLLY JOHNSON – Across the Universe (1991)

SLEATER-KINNEY – Bury Our Friends (2014)

SLEATER-KINNEY – You Ain’t It (1994)

THE VASELINES - High Tide Low Tide (2014)

THE VASELINES – Son of a Gun (1987)

BUZZCOCKS - It's Not You (2014)

BUZZCOCKS – Everybody’s Happy Nowadays (1979)

GARY CLAIL - Reveal Myself (2014)


THE ORCHIDS - Sometimes (2014)

THE ORCHIDS – Defy the Law (1988)

DOMINIC WAXING LYRICAL - Thursday (Searching) (2014)


THE AFGHAN WHIGS – Matamoros (2014)

THE AFGHAN WHIGS – Debonair (1993)