Friday, 27 March 2015

LIST 153 - 27/03/15

Hello again,

That's not a typo two songs down this week' List - there's genuinely a beat combo in active service at present by the name of Field Mouse (and a fine, fuzzy, scuzzy one at that), so pairing one of theirs alongside a Field Mice track seemed a fun thing to do!  Ah, me.

Elsewhere there's a Then and Now of sorts, with Mary Timony past (Helium) nestling alongside Mary Timony present (Ex Hex; look out for former Nation Of Ulysses / The Make-Up mainstay Ian Svenvonius as the bemused dinner partner in the video); Sleater-Kinney teaming up with Bob's Burgers; and the best indiepop act to emerge from my former residence of Scarborough, North Yorkshire for as long as I care to remember (Crumplehorns).

J xx

SLEATER-KINNEY – A New Wave (2015)

FIELD MOUSE – You Guys Are Gonna Wake Up My Mum (2013)

THE FIELD MICE – That’s All This Is (1989)

HAYSEED DIXIE – We’re Not Gonna Take It (2015)

THE SOUNDCARRIERS - Entropicalia (instrumental version) (2013)

THE BLUEBELLS – Sugar Bridge (It Will Stand) (1983)

EX HEX – Hot and Cold (2014)

HELIUM – Pat’s Trick (1995)

CRUMPLEHORNS – So You’re Mine (2014)

MUGWUMP – Until You’re Worth It (2015)

BOTS – Sieben Tage Lang (1980)

DAVID BOWIE – Sue (Or In A Season Of Crime) (2014)

CHILLY GONZALES – Advantage Points (2015)

THE WEATHER PROPHETS – Almost Prayed (1986)

EXPENSIVE – Low (2014)

THE HANGING STARS – Golden Vanity (2015)

MYLO - Guilty of Love (2004)

OWEN PALLETT – In Conflict (2014)

Friday, 20 March 2015

LIST 152 - 20/03/15

Hello again,

Hope none of you stared into the solar eclipse this morning for too long to be able to see the links below; and yes, the choice of Monty Python sketch that opens this week's List is entirely deliberate!

J xx

MONTY PYTHON – The 1972 Eclipse of the Sun (1972)

BJÖRK – Lionsong (2015)

MERCURY GIRLS – Golden (2015)

THE YOUNG GODS – Skinflowers (1992)

ERRORS – Lease of Life (2015)

THE LUCID DREAM – Cold Killer (2015)

ABSOLUTE GREY – Painted Post (1987)

HONEYBLOOD – Super Rat (2014)

YOUTHMEMORY – Dreamin’ (2015)

MARK KOZELEK - 2,000 Miles (2014)

BOMB THE BASS - Dune Buggy Attack 1991 (1991)

MARK LANEGAN BAND – Sad Lover (2014)

POST MODERN TEAM – Heartbreak (2014)

CARTER USM – A Perfect Day to Drop the Bomb (1989)

CHOOK RACE – Time (2015)

MICA LEVI – Love [from the Under the Skin soundtrack] (2014)

ELASTICA – Nothing Stays The Same (2000)

TWERPS – Stranger (2015)

PANDA BEAR – Boys Latin (2014)

Friday, 13 March 2015

LIST 151 - 13/03/15

Hello again,

Another grab-bag of allsorts this week, and another of those genuine moments of musical discovery that remind one why being an indiepop fan continues to be so rewarding.  I don't know the first thing about Star Tropics, but rather as with The Royal Landscaping Society a few months back a listen to the contents of their Bandcamp-published current EP makes me want to know EVERYTHING about them.  Hugely, hugely engaging janglepop that I'd love to see find a berth on this year's Indietracks line-up.

Other highlights - and there are many - include the return of both Milky Wimpshake and (via a relic site off the Humberside coast!) Lonelady; the outstanding Golcar-based (and Chumbawamba-affiliated) chamber folk duo O'Hooley & Tidow; the now Canada-based Norman Blake's latest co-project The Mendicants; a not-long-before-fame single by Pulp that's actually among my very favourite of theirs (maybe second only to Countdown); and a wee guilty pleasure from Dave Edmunds...

J xx

MILKY WIMPSHAKE – Le Revolution Politique (2015)

TAYLOR McFERRIN – Postpartum (2014)

PULP – O.U. (1992)

SAGE FRANCIS - Make Em Purr (2014)

ST VINCENT - Bring Me Your Loves (2014)

THE SISTERS OF MERCY – First and Last and Always (1985)

THE NEW MENDICANTS – High on the Skyline (2014)

DAMIAN LAZARUS & THE ANCIENT MOONS – Lovers’ Eyes (Mohe Pi Ki Najariya) (2014)

YEAH YEAH NOH – Bias Binding (1984)

LONELADY – Bunkerpop (2015)

STAR TROPICS – Summer Rain (2015)

DAVE EDMUNDS – Slipping Away (1983)

FATHER JOHN MISTY – I Love You, Honeybear (2015)

HONEYBLOOD – Bud (2013)

THE KITES – Larry’s Back (1994)

TRUST FUND – Cut Me Out (2015)

THE JUAN MACLEAN – A Simple Design (2014)

O’HOOLEY & TIDOW – Coil and Spring (2014)

LEMON JELLY – Closer (2002)

Friday, 6 March 2015

LIST 150 - 06/03/15

Hello again,

Probably the most intriguing tracks this time are the two oldest, both recipients of long-overdue reissues in the past couple of weeks - Inflatable Boy Clams' deliciously deadpan yet catty post-punk spoken-word EP, plus Tribo Massáhi's insatiable Brazilian take on Afro-psych.

JD Meatyard's concluding contribution inadvertently reminds me that it'll be ten years this summer since Hovis Presley's death from a heart attack at the criminally, unjustly young age of 45.  As good things go, he definitely went.
J xx

SEASICK STEVE – Purple Shadows (2015)

GHOSTPOET – Off Peak Dreams (2015)

TRIBO MASSÁHI - Menina Da Janela (1972)

JENNY HVAL / SUSANNA - I Have Walked This Body (2014)

ALLO DARLIN' - We Come from the Same Place (2014)


ONLY REAL – Punks and Potions (2013)

GOAT - Hide from the Sun (2014)

PUSSYCAT TRASH – Hot Bed (1993)

POLAR BEAR - Be Free (2014)

THE HOBBES FANCLUB - Run into the Sea (2014)

THE ORCHIDS – Something for the Longing (1990)

THE FALL - Amorator (2013)

BRONCHO - Class Historian (2014)

FELT – Sunlight Bathed the Golden Glow (1984)

NENEH CHERRY ft ROBYN – Out of the Black (2014)

DAVE EDMUNDS – Queen of Hearts (1979)

AKALA – Murder Runs the Globe (2015)

THE WAVE PICTURES - Pea Green Coat (2015)

JD MEATYARD - Hovis Presley Says (2015)