Friday, 29 January 2016

LIST 188 - 29/01/16

Hello again,

As epic gig fails go, missing a secret(ish) gig by Field Music held barely two minutes' walk from one's place of work must rate pretty highly, and that is sadly what transpired the other day when a performance at the Harley in Sheffield by Sunderland's finest passed me by completely.  I suck.

In light of which, the title of their brand new single seems strangely aposite!

Other highlights this week include something new and something very old indeed from cult heroes Half Japanese; a splendid semi-lost gem by messrs Vega, Chilton and Vaughn now rereleased on 7" single; the highlight of Slowdive's third and tragically underappreciated (not least by Creation Records) album, 1995's Pygmalion; and, practically 35 years to the day since it reached its highest chart position, my favourite one-hit wonder of all time from Susan Fassbender.  

"Sometimes I get so low"... Something terribly sad and portentous about the opening line of Twilight Cafe, isn't there, considering Fassbender would take her own life ten years later when still in her early thirties.

J xx

FIELD MUSIC – Disappointed (2016)

XTC – The Disappointed (1992)

HAIKU SALUT – You Dance a Particular Algorithm (2015)

SUPERFJORD & ASTRALASIA – Fjord Transit (2014)

STEREO TOTAL – Moviestar (1995)

HALF JAPANESE – That Is That (2016)

HALF JAPANESE – No More Beatle Mania (1979)

HOLLY HERNDON - Morning Sun (2015)

BECK – Waking Light (2014)

SLOWDIVE - Blue Skied an' Clear (1995)

DIET CIG – Sleep Talk (2015)

OH PEAS! – No Ships on Mondays (2015)

SUSAN FASSBENDER – Twilight Café (1981)

ZUN ZUN EGUI – African Tree (2015)

THUNDERCAT - Them Changes (2015)

THE BODINES – God Bless (1985)



JIM GHEDI – Home Is Where I Exist, Now To Live and Die (2015) 

Friday, 22 January 2016

LIST 187 - 22/01/16

Hello again,

More 2015 catch-up, something brand new from We. The Pigs, two New Order tracks from 34 years apart, the odd 1980s/1990s track, and a tribute to the recently passed away Pierre Boulez - for many years the enfant terrible of 20th century French classical music - to finish.

J xx

KENDRICK LAMAR - King Kunta (2015)

RODNEY CROMWELL – Black Dog (2015)

THE CHESTERFIELDS – Nose Out of Joint (1985)


LAETITIA SADIER – Then I Will Love You Again (2014)

PALE SAINTS – Throwing Back the Apple (1992)

LEON BRIDGES – Coming Home (2015)

THE FAIRLIGHT MYTH – Alpha November (2015)

HALF MAN HALF BISCUIT - Westward Ho! Massive Letdown (2014)

AGE OF CHANCE – Bible of the Beats (1985)

SONA JOBARTEH - Gambia (2015)

REX THE DOG – Sicko (2015)

NEW ORDER - Tutti Frutti (2015)

NEW ORDER – Everything’s Gone Green (1981)

WE. THE PIGS – Fly (2016)

MICACHU & THE SHAPES - Sea Air (2015)

PIERRE BOULEZ – Piano Sonata (1946)

Friday, 15 January 2016

LIST 186 - 15/01/16 (a David Bowie tribute)

Hello there,

Very little explanation required as to what this week's List entails, though hopefully not all of the selections will prove to be blindingly obvious. 

A broad historical span of the late Mr Bowie's recorded output is represented, from the early singles (including under his birth name) to the final album, via a few personal favourites from several points in between.

There's cover versions, too (Nirvana, The Yummy Fur); samples of his work (Death Grips, DNA); material inspired by Bowie tracks (Peter Schilling, Philip Glass); and even one track penned for another performer (Oscar rather than Mott the Hoople this time, however).

Even then the selection probably hardly does the man full justice, but consider this our own small offering to the many tributes of the week.  Rest easy, David.

J xx

DAVID BOWIE – Jump They Say (1993)

DAVID BOWIE – Helden (1977)

DEATH GRIPS – Culture Shock (2011)


NIRVANA – The Man Who Sold the World (1994)

DAVID BOWIE – Baal’s Hymn (1982)

PETER SCHILLING – Major Tom (1983/4)

OSCAR – Over The Wall We Go (1967)

DAVID BOWIE – Dead Man Walking (1997)

DAVID BOWIE – Up The Hill Backwards (1980)

DNA ft JAZZI P – Rebel Woman (1991)

DAVID BOWIE AND THE LOWER THIRD – Can’t Help Thinking About Me (1966)

DAVID BOWIE – The Buddha of Suburbia (1993)

THE YUMMY FUR – Always Crashing in the Same Car (1997)

TIN MACHINE – Baby Universal (1991)

PHILIP GLASS – Heroes (from Symphony No. 4 “Heroes”) (1996)

DAVID BOWIE – Art Decade (1977)

DAVID BOWIE – Lazarus (2016)

Friday, 8 January 2016

LIST 185 - 08/01/16

Hello again,

Another mish-mash this week, and regrettably also another musical in Memoriam at the end of it, following the passing just before Christmas of charismatic Stump frontman Mick Lynch.  Few bands came as close as the mid-late 1980s Anglo-Irish quartet did at reshaping Captain Beefheart's idiosyncratic musical stylings into something approaching a halfway radio-friendly form, and whilst Buffalo and Charlton Heston (both already featured in previous Lists) probably right stand as their career-defining tracks, its no less of a pleasure to include Chaos here.  Rest easy, Mick.

Elsewhere, it's a pleasure to include another track from the mighty album by erstwhile Aberdeen-ers The Luxembourg Signal, as much to remind myself how much they overcame the often soupy acoustics of the loco shed at Indietracks in a way that many, many other bands cannot manage - truly, theirs was one of the very best sets that festival has seen in any year, never mind just 2015.

J xx

THE LOVELY EGGS - Goofin' Around (in Lancashire) (2015)

ESCONDIDO - Heart is Black (2015)

IT'S IMMATERIAL - Ed's Funky Diner (1985/6)

EUROS CHILDS – Donkey Island (2006)

FLOWERS – Pull My Arm (2015)

ZOMBINA AND THE SKELETONES – Nobody Likes You (When You’re Dead) (2002)

REX THE DOG – You Are a Blade (2015)

LET’S WRESTLE – Rain Ruins Revolution (2013)

LED ZEPPELIN – Trampled Underfoot (1975)

THE LUXEMBOURG SIGNAL – Distant Drive (2015)

BARBARA MORGENSTERN with T RAUMSCHMIERE - Was du nicht siehst (2015) 

WIRE – A Serious of Snakes (1986)

COURTNEY BARNETT - Pedestrian At Best (2015)

SAMARIS – Nótt (2014)

LEVITATION – World Around (1992)

DARREN HAYMAN – All for the Cause (2015)

SPILLSBURY - Weisst du wie es ist (2005)


STUMP – Chaos (1988)

Friday, 1 January 2016

LIST 184 - 01/01/16

Hello again,

A very happy 2016 to all That Music List readers/listeners/both (delete as applicable) - let the new year deal us all a fair hand.

It's back to the regular weekly updates for the winter, I think, starting with a mish-mash of hitherto overlooked 2015 highlights and some other morsels from further back - yep, including a couple or three that couldn't fit onto any of the 1985 or 1995 specials, I admit...

The passing of both Motorhead stalwart Lemmy and raver Guru Josh over the festive period have already been extensively documented elsewhere; perhaps less so, however, that of John Bradbury, drummer with The Specials.  Coventry to his fingertips, to the extent of never having moved away from the city, he was 62.  A selection from almost exactly 35 years ago, which those of you following BBC4's recent reruns of 1980/1 Top of the Pops episodes will have seen only a fortnight ago, is included as tribute.

J xx

THE SPOOK SCHOOL – I Want to Kiss You (2015)

PINEY GIR – Keep It Together (2015)

YO LA TENGO – Decora (1995)

LAURA VEIRS – Sun Song (2013)

SPRING KING – Who Are You? (2015)

THE MEN THEY COULDN’T HANG – Greenback Dollar (1985)

BRAD SAN MARTIN – Lessons Left Me (2015)

OMAR SOULEYMAN – Bahdeni Nami (2015)

EDWARD BALL - Docklands Blues (1997)

SCHOOL OF LANGUAGE – Dress Up (2014)

DESTROYER – Girl in a Sling (2015)

DESTROYER – J Tailor (1996)

FEAR OF MEN – Descent (2014)

SONIC YOUTH - Little Trouble Girl (1995)

JLIN – Guantanamo (2015)

RON SEXSMITH - Words We Never Use (1995) 

HELVETIA - A Dot Running for the Dust (2015)

HAIKU SALUT – Skip to the End (2015)

THE SPECIALS – Do Nothing (1980)