Wednesday, 14 February 2018

LIST 234 - 14/02/18 (Valentine's Day special)

Hello there,

Yes, it's a Valentine's Day special.  

Yes, any friend of mine who's had an Indiepop Love Songs mix CD from me in recent times will recognise most of the contents.  

Yes, all bar about half a dozen of these have appeared on previous Lists over the past nine years.  

Yes, there's two XTC tracks (and there would have been two Allo, Darlin' and two Slow Down Tallahassee and about five Field Mice tracks as well, had space permitted).  

Yes, one of these tracks was the first dance at my and Linda's wedding last autumn.

And yes, I'm utterly unapologetic on all counts.

However you choose to celebrate today, if indeed you do, hold your loved one close.

J xx

Click on the link to play each tune:




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