Friday, 11 May 2018

LIST 246 - a third Eurovision special

Hello all,

It's that time of year again...  If you want the Song Contest joy to endure beyond 11.30 on Saturday evening (or whatever time the results process does actually finish - want to take bets?), why not have a run through this latest selection of Eurovision and Eurovision-related tracks.

Plenty of recent entries and a smattering of oldies, naturally.  In addition, however, this year I've thrown in:

- a few further cover versions (including one of Israel's 1970s winner from Israel's 2018 winner),

- a number of what-they-did-later tracks from several Song Contest winners (Lulu, Sandie, Nicole),

- a couple more tracks that tried to win A Song For Europe and didn't,

- and to start with, the best half-time entertainment there ever has been, and in all probability ever will be (until the next time Sweden win, at least).


J xx

MÅNS ZELMERLÖW AND PETRA MEDE - Love, Love, Peace, Peace (2016)

NETTA BARZILAI – A-Ba-Ni-Bi (acoustic) (2018)

LULU – Where the Poor Boys Dance (2000)

BASIM - Cliché Love Song (2014)

FRANCE GALL - Poupée de cire, poupée de son (1965)

BLANCHE – City Lights (2017)

BEATHOVEN - Þú og þeir (Sókrates) (1988)

RASMUSSEN – Higher Ground (2018)

THE FRUIT EATING BEARS - Door in my Face (1978)

JUSTIN HAWKINS & BEVERLEI BROWN - They Don't Make 'Em Like They Used To (2007)

MADAME MONSIEUR – Mercy (2018)

SANDIE SHAW – Nothing Less Than Brilliant (1989)

IVAN - Help You Fly (2016)

SHANE MacGOWAN AND THE POPES – What’s Another Year (1998)

ANDRáS KáLLAY-SAUNDERS - Running (2014)

LAURA RIZZOTTO – Funny Girl (2018) 

FRANCESCA MICHIELIN - No Degree of Separation (2016) 

NAVIBAND – Historyja Majho Zyccia (2017) 

THE SHADOWS - Let Me Be the One (1975)

SAARA AALTO – Monsters (2018)

NICOLE – Wer schläft schon gern allein (1998)

DoReDos – My Lucky Day (2018)

KENICKIE – Save All Your Kisses for Me (1998)


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