Sunday, 13 November 2011

LIST 77 - 13/11/11 (a second cover versions special)

Hello again,

The third and final List of this weekend's bumper crop is the second cover versions special, to follow-up the one that was List #62 back in August. As stated the other day, it wasn't necessarily the intention to do another one so soon, but the sheer volume of interesting enough material I unearthed in the interim made it a possibility.

...And so much of that material is new or nearly new - 10 of the tracks hail from this year, as opposed to just one in the first covers List. Including two readings of The Smiths' There Is a Light That Never Goes Out is cheating, I suppose, except one is an indiepop version from 2011 and the other a classic piece of laptronica from over a decade earlier, so I'm good with that if you all are. Yes? Hoped so. ;-)

Elsewhere covers feature of everyone from Nirvana to Olivia Newton-John, from Big Black to Prefab Sprout, and from The Auteurs to Lonnie Donegan. Oh, and two bands have stabs at The Field Mice. Not literally stabs, of course. The bands would get in trouble for that. And we don't endorse stabbing any indiepop bands, past or present. Even if The Field Mice did break all our hearts when splitting up. They did so.

J x

THE MAXINES – Sweet Nothings (live at the Northern) (2011)

LITTLE ROY – Come As You Are (2011)

THE FALL – Mr Pharmacist (1986)

F*CK-OFF MACHETE – Physical (2006)

ELSDON SMITHERS – Starstruck (Auteurs cover) (2011)

THE WEDDING PRESENT – Cumberland Gap (1992)

SINEAD O’CONNOR – Song to the Siren (2010)

SEAPONY – Emma’s House (2011)

BABY FORD – Children of the Revolution (Inca Mix) (1989)

LIANNE HALL – Love Is A Stranger (2010)

DUM DUM GIRLS – There is a Light That Never Goes Out (2011)

SCHNEIDER TM – The Light 3000 (2000)

TREMBLING BLUE STARS – Kidney Bingos (2011)

DARREN HANLON – Together in Electric Dreams (2010)

THE MIDDLE ONES & ACE BUSHY STRIPTEASE – Heterosexuality Is A Construct (2011)

COACH STATION REUNION – Lions In My Own Garden : Exit Someone (2010)

IMPOSSIBLE TYMES - Coach Station Reunion (2011)

MAN... OR ASTROMAN? – Destination Venus (1993)

THE PRIMITIVES – Need All The Help I Can Get (2011)

MAGAZINE – Thank You (Falettinme Be Mice Elf Again) (1980)

ST VINCENT – Kerosene (live at Bowery Ballroom) (2011)


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