Wednesday, 30 November 2011

LIST 78 - 18/11/11

Hello again,

More because of the shortage of weeks rather than of new material, this is the last "standard", non-themed List of 2011, with anniversary specials, a second Then And Now special and the usual festive denouement all on their way in the coming weeks. There is, rest assured, a lot of 2011 stuff still to upload in the new year.

It's great to be able to welcome back one-time Festive 50 number ones Los Campesinos! this week with a splendid return single from an equally splendid parent album, even if the "Hello Sadness" video does owe quite a bit to the one for LCD Soundsystem's "Drunk Girls" (not included here to compare and contrast, as we've already had it up once and you know how things work here...)

Standard Fare's new album is another source of huge excitement for me, ditto Hibbett's; whereas the discovery of the fabulous Colour Me Wednesday is just embarassingly overdue. Then And Now features Mazzy Star, unexpectedly reactivated and still as majestic as ever they were; whilst there is no song that's been played on my laptop more in the last fortnight than Telex's malevolently sarcastic, slow-motion version of "Rock Around The Clock". I do have to wonder on this evidence whether the likes of Felix Kubin own a few Telex LPs. I'd not be at all surprised.

J x

DUM DUM GIRLS – Bedroom Eyes (2011)

KIDO YOJI – Call A Romance (2011)

HOLY F*CK – Latin America (2010)

MJ HIBBETT & THE VALIDATORS – Theme from Dinosaur Planet (2011)

DESTROYER – Poor in Love (2011)

COLOUR ME WEDNESDAY – Purge Your Inner Tory (2010)

IRON AND WINE – Me and Lazarus (2011)

THE HIT PARADE – The Queen of Mousehole (2006)

SCROOBIUS PIP – The Struggle (2011)

THE GARLANDS – You Never Notice Me (2011)

MAZZY STAR – Lay Myself Down (2011)

MAZZY STAR – So Tonight That I Might See (1993)

HYDE & BEAST – Never Come Back (2011)

BART AND FRIENDS – A Summer’s Dream (2010)

EXPLOSIONS IN THE SKY – Trembling Hands (2011)

STANDARD FARE – Darth Vader (2011)

TELEX – Rock Around the Clock (1979)

LOS CAMPESINOS! – Hello Sadness (2011)

SUN ARAW – Crete (2011)


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