Friday, 1 July 2016

LIST 209 - 01/07/16

Hello again,

A slightly different look to this List and probably all others hereafter, as a mere seven years and 209 editions into this feature I've worked out how to do title links in Blogger without the URL still showing.  Atta boy!  

In terms of new music, there are particularly lovely new things this week from Barry Adamson, Mogwai, Chorusgirl and Citizen Helene among others, plus something from Nancy Sin which naturally compels me to include the Beat Happening song after which said act took their name.

The Blur track late on, of course, is one many of you will know better as a much shorter song named The Anniversary Waltz. This, however, is the oldest and to my mind best incarnation of the song, lifted from a session on Mark Goodier's pre-Lamacq/Whiley incarnation of the Evening Session.  Those were the days...

J xx

MOGWAI – U-235 (2016) 

GIRLPOOL – Emily (2015)

AMADOU & MARIAM – Bali Maou (1999)

CITIZEN HELENE – How Can You Find Someone to Love? (2016)  

HALF – Last Kiss (2016)  

THE HIDDEN CAMERAS – Boys of Melody (2003) 

BARRY ADAMSON – In Other Worlds (2016)

JOAN AS POLICE WOMAN - Holy City (2014)

CHORUSGIRL - Girls of 1926 (2016)

NANCY SIN – Room for Rent (2016)

BEAT HAPPENING – Nancy Sin (1990)


TYNEHAM HOUSE - Bletchingley (2012)

SWANS - When Will I Return (2016)

BLUR - Why Has The Time Signature 3/4 Become Obsolete in the Late 20th Century? (Mark Goodier Session) (1993)

JULY SKIES – The Weather Clock (2008)


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