Friday, 15 July 2016

LIST 211 - 15/07/16

Hello again,

Not very much longer to go with this seventh season of That Music List - just a couple of Indietracks specials to follow, and then that's me done until the late autumn.

This two hundred and eleventh edition does have one trait which none of the preceding episodes does, however - this is the first one without a single moving video of any description to look at.

It's got a bit harder in recent times to find enough of a balance of videos and non-videos, to be honest, and I'm feeling pretty unapologetic that there's no animations, no bands playing against dramatic backdrops, comedy promos, etc. to offer this time.  If your musical tastes are determined first and foremost by what happens in the video, I'm sure OK Go will be happy to accommodate you.

Ahem, yes, so then.  Nothing at all to look at here, but plenty to enjoy with your ears.  Warp veteran Mark Pritchard's Vashti Bunyan-sampling Under the Sun is right up there with the best things I've heard all year, and is a particular pleasure to include this time.  Elsewhere, the Warp mini-theme this week is upheld by Odd Nosdam's breathaking Trish, a tribute to the late Trish Keenan of Broadcast which I've inexplicably overlooked in the near three years since its initial release.

J xx

BRIAN ENO – Fickle Sun (iii) I’m Set Free (2016)

PALLENBERG – Star Crossed Lovers (2016)
THE SUNCHARMS – One I See (1991)

MARK PRITCHARD – Under the Sun (2016)

OBNOX - Too Punk Shakur (2015)

PANDA BEAR – Untitled #5 (from Young Prayer) (2004)

THE HAYMAN KUPA BAND – Someone to Care for (2016)

THE HEART THROBS – Here I Hide (1988)

MOON DRUID - Not Today (2016)

DOG LEGS – Beast Like Me (2013)


ODD NOSDAM – Trish (2013)

ALÈMAYÈHU ESHÈTÉ - Betachayén Tègodahu (197x/2001)

EXPENSIVE – Secrets in the Moss (2013)

MARY LATTIMORE – Jimmy V (2016)

ELASTICA – 2:1 (1995)

THE OLIVE SHOOTS – Dropped and Lost (2016)

GIDEON WOLF – The Hunt (2015)


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