Wednesday, 7 December 2016

LIST 216 - 07/12/16

Hello again,

Another mixture of things for this second List of the new season, and regrettably also a second "in memoriam", following the recent passing at a ludicrously young age of Craig Gill, Inspiral Carpets drummer and heartbeat of so many music-oriented activities in Manchester (including as a tour guide of significant sites).  

Listening back to "Biggest Mountain" some 26 years after its release, it's striking at this remove how reflective and considered a track it is, considering much of the Madchester canon placed the emphasis on swagger over such subtlety.  How appropriate, though haunting, that it's Gill whose face appears first in the promotional video included here.

Elsewhere, it's a pleasure to include a further selection from Owl & Mouse following the splendid recent Sheffield gig mentioned last time; a pair of tracks from enduring Hamburg pop/indie/jazz/whatever else duo JaKönigJa; and a band in Lung Leg who'd have walked onto any Indietracks line-up if only they'd had their time a decade and a bit later.  Reform, please!

J xx

THE DIVINE COMEDY – To the Rescue (2016)

KAITLYN AURELIA SMITH - Arthropoda (2016)

BRIAN ENO – Drift (1983)

OWL & MOUSE – Misfits (2015)

THE MEDUSA SNARE – I Saw You Look The Other Way (2012)

SKEPTA - Man (2016)

THE ROOM – Jackpot Jack (1984)

JA KÖNIG JA – Woher kommst du? (2016)

JA KÖNIG JA – Wer weiß? (1995) 

LIGHTNING IN A TWILIGHT HOUR - Krzysztof Kieślowski's Lullaby (2016)

LUNG LEG – Right Now Baby (1997)

WOLF PARADE - Mr Startup (2016)

TODD TERJE – Svensk Sås (2014)


LOS CRIPIS – Falling (2014)

AMSTERDAM – You’re a Phoney (2005)


INSPIRAL CARPETS – Biggest Mountain (1990) 


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