Monday, 12 December 2016

LIST 218 - 12/12/16

Hello again,

A happy-sad ending to today's List, as the Haywains track included penultimately is the first of a small handful of Christmas-oriented songs I'll apply to certain Lists as December 25th looms ever larger.  Will there also be an outright Christmas special this time around as per usual?  At this stage even I don't know that...

Less cheerfully, I'm afraid, is the news of the passing of Them Are Us Too's Cash Askew in the Oakland warehouse party fire of just over a week ago - condolences are naturally extended to all who knew and loved her.  A track from the duo's debut album Remain rounds things off this week.

Elsewhere, it's a pleasure to include something from the recent album by Silver Apples, whose gig at the Picture House Social in Sheffield three months ago was a bleeping, skronking, oscillating delight.  If I'm half as full of life as Simeon Coxe III when I hit 78 years of age, I won't be doing at all badly.

The ONSIND track, meanwhile, just demanded to be included in a prevailing climate where validation and legitimisation of aggression towards women seems to be on the rise once more - evidently sanctioned, implicitly or otherwise, by a president-elect deserving only of contempt.  Sigh.

J xx

THE TUTS – Let Go Of The Past (2016)

MBONGWANA STAR - Malukayi (2015)

THE NIGHTINGALES - Workshy Wunderkind (2004/6)

PLEASURE SYMBOLS – Ultraviolence (2014)


SUZANNE CIANI – Paris (1971)

BADBADNOTGOOD – Lavender (2016)

JOANNA GRUESOME – Pretty F*cking Sick of It All (2016)

THE PRIMITIVES – Sick of It (1989)

HAVAH – Gelo (2015)

MOHAMMAD – Vildblomma (2010) 

ONSIND – If You Feel Attacked by Feminism, It’s Probably a Counter-Attack (2008)

YUKON BLONDE – Como (2015)

SILVER APPLES – Nothing Matters (2016)

PIANO MAGIC – Untitled #1 (from Son De Mar OST) (2001)

THE HAYWAINS – Who Needs Summer? (2016)

THEM ARE US TOO – Eudaemonia (2015)  


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