Wednesday, 27 October 2010

LIST 54 - 22/10/10

Lots of splendid things to round off the current series of That Music List, not least the splendid return of erstwhile Peel faves Bearsuit and a video by Darren Hayman that's pretty much the copybook definition of "less is more" (one piece of card, one set of pencils, one scanner - that's it!). Trembling Blue Stars, meanwhile, get the then and now treatment (to the surprise of none of you out there, I suspect!).

You read the above correctly, by the way - this is indeed the last regular That Music List for a bit, as work commitments start to bite (and after a few weeks' worth of unemployment around late spring, those are words I didn't necessarily think I'd be able to say again this year). There will be at least a couple of Christmas specials either before or during the festive period, though, before the List returns for another extended run of weekly editions some time in the midwinter. That is a promise, and indeed a threat!

In the meantime, thanks again for your patronage over these last 20 months or thereabouts.

Jeremy x

BEARSUIT – Please Don’t Take Him Back (2010)

WARPAINT – Undertow (2010)

BEASTIE BOYS – Lee Majors Come Again (2009)

DARREN HAYMAN & EMMY THE GREAT – Calling Out Your Name Again (2010)

DUTCH UNCLES – The Ink (2010)

BETTE DAVIS & THE BALCONETTES – Shopping on the Internet (1997)

TREMBLING BLUE STARS – Not For Second Prize (2010)

TREMBLING BLUE STARS – For This One (1996)

TWO STEP HORROR – King Bee (2010)

MILKY WIMPSHAKE – One Good Use For My Heart (2010)

METRONOMY – Not Made for Love (2009)

PAUL SMITH – Our Lady of Lourdes (2010)

TRASH KIT – Cadets (2010)

EPIC45 – Daylight Ghosts (2009)

IRON AND WINE – Peng! 33 (2003)

PRINZHORN DANCE SCHOOL – Seed, Crop, Harvest (2010)

DAWN LANDES – Young Girl (2010)

THE SLITS – I Heard It Through The Grapevine (1979)

GAS – Pop #6 (2000)

Wednesday, 20 October 2010

LIST 53 - 15/10/10

It's confirmed - the brand new releases from Trembling Blue Stars, namely an album and two EPs, will be the last.

With that ends 15 years' worth of, for the greater part, Bob Wratten soundtracking his own life with disarming, emotionally laid-bare candour and erudition under the TBS moniker, and at the same time him unwittingly putting to music those lives of mine and doubtless many others worldwide. The likes of Never Loved You More, Farewell to Forever, It's Easier to Smile and Dark Eyes, in particular, are almost painfully redolent of past, present and in all likelihood future chapters of my personal history.

As such, it's safe to assume that "All Our Tomorrows", included below and replete with something close to an official video from Elefant Records, will not be the only song from TBS's final batch to feature in these annals in the short term.

1995, the year TBS formed, was also the year Tindersticks released their favourite song of mine, the eight-minute deadpan narrative "My Sister", included here alongside a track from this year's album for 4AD. Grass Widow and Trash Kit, meanwhile, are included to cheer me up a bit, having managed to miss them play a gig literally a minute's walk from my office a couple of weeks ago owing to sheer volume of work. Unlucky!

RADAR BROTHERS – Horses Warriors (2010)

MAPS – It Will Find You (2007)

FALK UND DIE WIESE – Complicated (2010)


ST CHRISTOPHER – As Good as Married (1996)

SPC ECO – Like It Is (2010)

TINDERSTICKS – Black Smoke (2010)

TINDERSTICKS – My Sister (1995)

TRICKY – Murder Weapon (2010)

MAGNETIC FIELDS – California Girls (2008)

LOW SEA – Berlin (2010)

THE WEEK THAT WAS – Scratch the Surface (2008)

TREMBLING BLUE STARS – All Our Tomorrows (2010)

MOSTAR SEVDAH REUNION – Gondže ružo (2007)

GRASS WIDOW – Fried Egg (2010)

TRASH KIT – Bugsy (2008)

FSK – Euro-Trash Girl (1996)

LIST 52 - 08/10/10 ("Remember this problem? The German language...")

...Thus began both the FSK album "The Sound Of Music" and the splendid German language music compilation "Wo ist Zuhause, Mama - Perlen Deutschsprachiger Popmusik" 18 and 15 years ago respectively. When I first started considering this week's list, it seemed too good a phrase not to recycle!

So, yes, herewith 20 tracks from German language performers (the presence of the likes of the astonishing Austrian punk-folk duo Attwenger prevents it from being considered a list of German performers), singing more or less all auf Deutsch. "More or less" because, ironically give the opening, the FSK track included contains more than a smattering of English!

It's all in context, though, and the track, "I Wish I Could Sprechen Sie Deutsch", will be remembered very fondly by those of you who were mid-1980s devotees of the John Peel Festive 50. The clip I've found of the track does indeed include the great man before and after, briefly.

Inevitably there were things I found myself leaving out in trying to straddle over three decades' worth of highlights even without pinching any of the sort of stuff a million Neue Deutsche Welle or Darkwave compilations already cover and cover rather better (that's a thought: wonder if Zillo is still going?); and I don't doubt there'll be another list of this nature in 2011 to accommodate the overspill.

In the meantime, and in the words of Nina Hagen in the closing track, "Ich wünsche Ihnen einen recht guten Empfang"...

TOCOTRONIC – Aber hier leben, nein danke (2004)

SUPERPUNK – Das Feuerwork ist Vorbei (2010)

WIR SIND HELDEN – Guten Tag (2003)

ATTWENGER – Rahm (1992)

ELEMENT ART – Die Eistänzerin (2010)

SAMBA – Aus den Kolonien (2004)

BARBARA MORGENSTERN – Der Augenblick (2000)

1000 ROBOTA – Er sagt (2010)

DER ELEGANTE REST – Hardcore (2008)

SLUT & JULI ZEH – Wächterhauscollage (2009)

DIE ÄRZTE - Junge (2007) (censored)

DIE ÄRZTE – Westerland (1988)

DIRK DARMSTÄDTER & BERND BEGEMANN – So geht das jede Nacht (2010)

FSK – I Wish I Could Sprechen Sie Deutsch (1986)

OSTZONENSUPPENWŰRFELMACHENKREBS - Respekt vor dem eigenen Hau (2000)

SPILLSBURY – Sturzflug (2008)

LYDIA DAHER – Flüchtige Bürger (2010)

DIE GOLDENEN ZITRONEN – Das bisschen Totschlag (1994)

PETER HEPPNER – Alleinesein (2008)

NINA HAGEN – TV-Glotzer (White Punks on Dope) (1978)

Saturday, 2 October 2010

LIST 51 - 01/10/10

Another standard, as opposed to themed, List this week, but at the same time two contributions could fall under a loose theme of courageous returns. Laetitia Sadier's solo album, out on September 27th, was at least partly recorded in the aftermath of her sister's suicide - the opening track addresses that tragedy with both unflinching honesty and quiet dignity, and is included here.

Edwyn Collins, meanwhile, has of course had his own trials in recent years, but emerging from the other side of these is "Losing Sleep", technically the second album released since his two brain haemorrhages in 2005 but the first entirely conceived and completed this side of them. The title track leaves little to the imagination regarding his comparatively reduced state nowadays, but at the same time of mawkish self-pity there is none.

I'm minded to include the Go-Betweens' "Right Here" this week, incidentally, after hearing The Peterboroughs' brave reading of it on accordion, uke, banjo and glockenspiel at the Nottingham Indiepop Weekender six days ago. It was, alas, the Leeds quartet's farewell gig, so unless on the fly recordings exist anywhere I wouldn't know where to direct you to a recording of it with any degree of confidence. My apologies!

LAETITIA SADIER – One Million Year Trip (2010)

OOIOO – SOL (2009)

THE PIPETTES – Call Me (2010)

AUTOROTATION – Everything is Everything (2009)

BEST COAST – Boyfriend (2010)

THE GO-BETWEENS – Right Here (1987)

JAMES YUILL – First in Line (2010)

FLOYD THE PHENOMENAL CAT-TROPHY – Name Mention Attention (2009)

TEAM GHOST – Colors in Time (2010)

EDWYN COLLINS – Losing Sleep (2010)

EDWYN COLLINS – Don’t Shilly Shally (1984)

LAU vs KARINE POLWART – The January Man (2010)

BONDE DE ROLE - Solto O Frango (2007)

SHRAG – Rabbit Kids (2009)

DEINE LAKAIEN – Gone (2010)


BETTY AND THE WEREWOLVES – David Cassidy (2009)

GYPSY AND THE CAT – Time to Wander (2010)

ROBERT WYATT – Stalin Wasn’t Stallin’ (1980)

THE SCHOOL – Is He Really Coming Home? (2010)