Monday, 30 November 2015

LIST 168 - 30/11/15

Hello again,

Looks like I've enough stuff lined up to be able to offer a List every weekday this week, which is nice.

Among the many phrases I thought I'd never commit to print is "Here's something off the new Juliana Hatfield Three album", and yet here we are, knocking on for two decades since the last sighting of this particular project by the former Blake Babies mainstay.  A particularly splendid single from them first time around is thrown in also.

To these ears FFS, the collaboration between Franz Ferdinand and Sparks, isn't always more than the sum of its parts to be perfectly honest, but the good is still very, very good - they're included here, along with other personal highlights of 2015 (so far - there's still a twelfth of it left!) from John Grant, Haiku Salut, The Lovely Eggs, Wovoka Gentle, the ceaselessly wonderful Berlin keyboard-prodder Barbara Morgenstern and sushi/star/Mablethorpe-loving Nott'nummers Lost Pets.

J xx

JOHN GRANT - Disappointing (2015)

HAIKU SALUT – Divided by Surfaces and Silence (2015)

RUTHLESS RAP ASSASSINS – Justice (Just Us) (1990)

LOST PETS – Discount Sushi (2015)

BEN LEE - Big Love (2015)

THE CHILLS – Rolling Moon (1982)

EX HEX – Waterfall (2014)

ELEANOR FRIEDBERGER – He Didn’t Mention His Mother (2015)

MAMBO TAXI – Poems on the Underground (1993)



TREMBLING BELLS – I Is Someone Else (2015)


THE WONDER STUFF – Give, Give, Give Me More, More, More (1988)

FFS – Johnny Delusional (2015)

MARK B & BLADE – From the Word Lab (2000)

THE LOVELY EGGS – The Magic Onion (2015)

WOVOKA GENTLE – You Have Saved Our Lives, We Are Eternally Grateful (2015)

THE GROOVE FARM – Baby Blue Marine (1987)

FORAOISE – A Bastard (2014)

Friday, 27 November 2015

LIST 167 - 27/11/15

Hello there,
Back from our summer and early-autumn jollies, here we are with the start of season seven of That Music List.  Did you miss us?  No need to answer.
I expect the next few Lists are all going to be mish-mashes of new, remembered and miscellaneous stuff - heaven knows you had enough themed selections from us during the summer. 

So, in no particular order, this time we have something new from the prolific Mr Hayman, the first fresh output in nearly a quarter of a century from drone titans Loop (plus a reminder of how they sounded back in the day, i.e. pleasingly none too different); some gender binary smashing from the ever-impressive Spook School (who were superb in Sheffield last Saturday, by the way - where were you?); a fishy tale from Francesca's Word Salad (who'll be superb in Sheffield this Saturday - are you coming?); a winsome elephantine tale from the latest kids' album by They Might Be Giants; and a project by the name of Cavern Of Anti-Matter which I feel rank bad about having overlooked for two years, given it's Tim Gane out of Stereolab who leads it.  Oops.

J xx

THE SPOOK SCHOOL - Binary (2015)

KURT COBAIN – And I Love Her (xxx/2015)

THE CHARLOTTES – Liar (1990)

THE BAND WHOSE NAME IS A SYMBOL - Baalslapper (2015)

DARREN HAYMAN - Nuns Run the Apothecary (2015)

CYGNUS X – The Orange Theme (1994)

LOOP - Precession (2015)

LOOP – Arc-Lite (1989)

THEY MIGHT BE GIANTS - Elephants (2015)

THE DIVINE COMEDY – If I Were You (I’d Be Through With Me) (1997)

FRANCESCA’S WORD SALAD – The Reverse Mermaid (2014)

THE CLIENTELE – On a Summer Trail (2014)

MOGWAI – With Portfolio (1997)

THE CHARLIE TIPPER EXPERIMENT – Something Worth Fighting For (2015)

MICHAEL KNIGHT - Sure, Call Over! (2015)

TTC – Pollutions (2002)

OWL & MOUSE - Misfits (2015)

CAVERN OF ANTI-MATTER - Blood Drums (2013)