Friday, 27 May 2016

LIST 204 - 27/05/16

Hello again,

Okay, okay, it's maybe slightly cheaty to do a Then and Now feature for The Julie Ruin, in so far as the older track is taken from a Kathleen Hanna solo record of that name and the newer one is the lead single from the Kathleen Hanna-fronted band of that name's first album.  But still.  Both are too good not to share.

The temptation to follow the old track by the UK dance act known as Screaming Trees with one from the more familiar US rock act of the same name was avoided, just.  How very unlike me!

J xx

STREET CHANT – Insides (2016) 

WOODPIGEON – Faithful (2016) 

STEREO MCs – Fade Away (1992)

FIELD MUSIC – Indeed It Is (2016)

NINEBARROW - For a Time (2016)

RED MONKEY – This Medium Is Not The Message (1999)

ODD NOSDAM – Sisters (2016)

THE JULIE RUIN – I Decide (2016)

THE JULIE RUIN – Radical or Pro-Parental (1998)

ZONE OUT – Inside (2015)

PITY SEX - Pin a Star (2016)

THE WEDDING PRESENT – I’m Not Always So Stupid (1988)

KANE STRANG – What’s Wrong (2015)

THE EXPLORERS CLUB – California’s Callin’ Ya (2016)

SCREAMING TREES (UK) – Tangiers (1988)

SEPTEMBER GIRLS - Heartbeats (2013)

THE RITZ CLUB - Walk Away (2016)

THE GOSSIP – Take Back (The Revolution) (2002)

Friday, 20 May 2016

LIST 203 - 20/05/16

Hello again,

Another last song dedicated in loving memory in this List, alas, following the passing at the age of 61 last weekend of Marlene Marder, guitarist with trailblazing Swiss female post-punk act Kleenex / LiLiPUT.  Die Matrosen is a fairly obvious choice of tribute song, I concede, but it's also a terrific one.

School Of Seven Bells would in contrast be a band to suffer tragedy whilst still a going concern, founder member and co-guitarist Ben Curtis having died of lymphoma in 2013.  His final demos and ideas have since been fashioned into the final SVIIB album by sole remaining member Alejandra Deheza, and the single included this time is one of many highlights of a superb, if inevitably highly poignant and emotionally charged collection of songs.

The promo for the excellent Cupid by The Big Moon, meanwhile, is surely the latest in a long line of candidates for the title "if Tiswas did videos, would they be like this?", even if the off-camera exhortation to go again does appear to be a bit of a copy from Lisa Hannigan's even messier Knots video - go back to List #71 ( and see what you think.

J xx

THE BIG MOON - Cupid (2016)

THE CHURCHILL GARDEN – Orange Tree Blossom (2016)

THE MEMBRANES – Kafka’s Dad (1983)




VLIVM – Looking for a Day (2016)

FIELD HARMONICS – Heron (2016)

LUNA - Rhythm King (1995)

THE FURROW COLLECTIVE - I'd Rather Be Tending My Sheep (2014)

SÉBASTIEN TELLIER – Lune de miel IV (2016)

FRENTE! - Cuscutlan (1992)

KATE JACKSON – The End of Reason (2016)

THE POOH STICKS – On Tape (1988)

KONONO N°1 MEETS BATIDA - "Nlele Kalusimbiko"(2016)


BLOOD SPORT - The Woodcutter (2013)

KLEENEX / LiLiPUT - Die Matrosen (1980)

Friday, 13 May 2016

LIST 202 - 13/05/16 (a second Eurovision special)

Hello all,

So enjoyable did compiling a Eurovision List prove last year, I thought I'd see if I could assemble another mix of personal song contest favourites and related tracks ahead of tomorrow night's 61st edition of the continent's favourite musical extravaganza.  Here are the fruits of those labours.

As with last year's efforts, not everything here actually appeared in the contest proper.  The tracks from Pussyfoot and Labi Siffre (yep, that one, of Something Inside So Strong and It Must Be Love fame subsequently) were both unsuccessful attempts to win through A Song For Europe; whilst the cover versions by Edwyn Collins, Saint Etienne and Terry Hall/Sinead O'Connor all appeared as part of Channel 4's 1998 "A Song for Eurotrash" song contest special.  It seems quite appropriate to dig out a few tracks from that, given a one-off episode of Eurotrash has just been slated in to coincide with next month's European Union referendum.  If you don't want to know the results, look away then.

European unity, of course, was the very reason for Toto Cutugno's 1990 contest-winning song to exist, and that rallying cry ends this List as part of a double-header of (by Eurovision standards) overtly political tracks; Jamala's 2016 effort, as much of a railing against Russia for previous indiscretions (here: the deportation of the Crimeran Tatars in the 1940s) as current Eurovision song-content rules permit, is the other.

J xx

LAURA TESORO - What's the Pressure (2016)

SOPHIE ET MAGALY - Le Papa Pingouin (1980)

EDWYN COLLINS – Ding a Dong (1998)

POLLAPÖNK - No Prejudice (2014)

SÉVERINE - Un Banc, Un Abre, Une Rue (1971)

PUSSYFOOT - I Want to Be Me (1980)

GAITANA - Be My Guest (2012)

DANIEL - Džuli (1983)

SAINT ETIENNE – La La La (1998)

SERHAT – I Didn’t Know (2016)

WIND - Laß die Sonne in dein Herz (1987)

LABI SIFFRE - Solid Love (1978)

LOïC NOTTET - Rhythm Inside (2015)

FRIZZLE SIZZLE - Alles heeft ritme (1986)

TERRY HALL & SINEAD O’CONNOR –All Kinds of Everything (1998)

THE COMMON LINNETS - Calm After the Storm (2014)

MATT MONRO - I Love the Little Things (1964)

SAMRA – Miracle (2016)

RIVA - Rock Me (1989)

PEARL CARR & TEDDY JOHNSON - Sing Little Birdie (1959)

BANANARAMA – Waterloo (1998)

JAMALA - 1944 (2016)

TOTO CUTUGNO - Insieme: 1992 (1990)

Tuesday, 10 May 2016

LIST 201 - 06/05/16 (The Many Guises of... Bobby Wratten)

(to follow)

J xx

THE FIELD MICE - The World to Me (1989)

TREMBLING BLUE STARS - For This One (1996)

BUDDHA ON THE MOON - Norfolk Windmills (1997)

LIGHTNING IN A TWILIGHT HOUR - Ancient Fiction (2015)

THE FIELD MICE - White (1989)

TREMBLING BLUE STARS - Never Loved You More (1998)


THE FIELD MICE - A Wrong Turn and Raindrops (1991)

THE OCCASIONAL KEEPERS - The Life of the Fields (2005)

LIGHTNING IN A TWILIGHT HOUR – The Sky Beyond the Sky (2016)

TREMBLING BLUE STARS - This Once Was an Island (2007)

THE YESTERDAY SKY - A Winter's Dawn (1992)

FUTURE CONDITIONAL - We Don't Just Disappear (2007)

THE FIELD MICE - Indian Ocean (1990)

ANGIE HEATON & THE GENTLE TAMERS - Sometimes I Still Feel the Bruise (2007)

NORTHERN PICTURE LIBRARY - Dreams and Stars and Sleep (1993)