Friday, 24 June 2016

LIST 208 - 24/06/16

The least said about last night's result the better.  Here are some tunes.  Stay safe, be kind to each other.

J xx

MARTHA - Goldman's Detective Agency (2016)

STANLEY BRINKS AND THE KANIKS – Between Me and the Future (2016)

BLUMFELD – Ein Lied von zwei Menschen (1999)

THE DEATH OF POP – Gardens (2015)

BJÖRK – Hyperballad (Brodsky Quartet Version) (1996)

BRIX & THE EXTRICATED – Big New Prinz (live at Nottingham Rock City, 17/10/15)

MAN & THE ECHO – Vile As You Want (2016)

ALASDAIR ROBERTS - Lord Gregory (2001)

THE GOON SAX – Home Haircuts (2016)

ROOTS MANUVA - Don't Breathe Out (2015)

THE CLOUDS – Get Out Of My Dream (1987)   

THE WORLD - Managerial Material (2016)

SHONEN KNIFE – Jump into the New World (2016)

THE VIBES – I’m in Pittsburgh (and It’s Rainin’) (1985)

PALMS ON FIRE - Cars (2015)

MARK PRITCHARD – Under the Sun (2016)

SHRUG – The Van with Square Wheels (1988)

ANGELIC MILK – Rebel Black (2016)

LOOSE TUBES - Arriving (1985/2015)

Friday, 17 June 2016

LIST 207 - 17/06/16

Hello there,

Very occasionally, That Music List runs the risk of aligning itself with current affairs!  The opening track from Helen Love is, of course, a paean to the young man who could yet do plenty to ensure that Wales venture further into the Euro 2016 championships than any other home nation, whilst at the same time reigniting her association with football songs which dates back nearly twenty years to Superlove's splendid, Banana Splits theme tune-apeing Cardiff City Superstars.

The closing track, meanwhile, should leave the listener in little doubt as to which side of the Remain/Leave fence this particular List compiler falls.  Next week's List will be compiled whilst either in a state of high relief (no celebration in this parish) or inconsolable despair...

J xx

HELEN LOVE – A Boy from Wales Called Gareth Bale (2016)

BELLE & SEBASTIAN - Nobody's Empire (2015)

THE MEL-O-TONES – I Walked with a Bugs Bunny Bendy Toy (1985)

PATIENCE – The Church (2016)

JOANA SERRAT ft NEIL HALSTEAD - Cloudy Heart (2016)

CUB - Freaky (1996)

WORMSTAR – Better Reasons (2015)

THE MAGNETIC NORTH - Pennylands (2016)

BRIAN ENO – Signals (1983)

PEACH KELLI POP - Hundred Dollar Bill (2016)

BLANCMANGE – Red Shift (Blame Thrower) (2016)

THE GOSSIP – Arkansas Heat (2002)

THE BLESSED ISLES - Caroline (2016)

MBONGWANA STAR - Suzanna (2015)

HALF MAN HALF BISCUIT - Upon Westminster Bridge (2005)

ARSENIC! - Everyday (2016)


ALIEN MUTATION – Alqa (1994)

BILLY RUFFIAN - Exit Pursued by Boris (2016)

Friday, 10 June 2016

LIST 206 - 10/06/16

Hello again,

Plenty of stuff new and old to enjoy again this week, and in the case of the opening track, perhaps new and old at the same time, considering The Magnetic North's current work is a magnificent concept album dedicated to the reimagining of band member Simon Tong's home town of Skelmersdale as a New Town in 1961.  Certainly more flattering a piece, all in all, than The Style Council's Come to Milton Keynes, put it that way.

J xx


GLENN JONES – Flower Turned Inside Out (2016)

THE FALL - I Feel Voxish (1983)

MELICOTON – Les filles de Périmony (2016)

PEACH KELLI POP - Heart Eyes (2015)

THE LUCKSMITHS – The Cassingle Revival (2000)

SUPERMOON - Bottleships (2016)


PJ HARVEY – Happy and Bleeding (1992)

GIRLPOOL - Chinatown (2015)

FATIMA YAMAHA - What's a Girl to Do (2015)

MARY LOU LORD – Some Jingle Jangle Morning (1993)

ROKIA TRAORÉ - Né So (2016)

SALLY SHAPIRO – If You Ever Wanna Change Your Mind (2016)

MADDER ROSE - Sleep, Forever (1994)

CRAFTING FOR FOES - Closer Than You Thought (2013)

FRANKIE COSMOS - Is It Possible / Sleep Song (2016)

KROKE – Time (1999)

Friday, 3 June 2016

LIST 205 - 03/06/16

Hello again,

Something of a Then and Now and Even Further Back in this List, as not only is an old (and pretty familiar) track by The Avalanches included alongside their  long, long overdue new single, but so too is the piece from 1968 which that older track sampled to great effect in the first place.  Must be the first time any recording artist by the name of Enoch has featured in these annals, too.

In the week that Jarvis Cocker's voice (sadly only temporarily) replaced the usual one as the destination announcer on the Sheffield Supertram network, the inclusion of Sheffield Sound City as the concluding track this time around was an absolute must.  Then, as now, nobody else on the planet can utter the placename "Attercliffe" without causing grown men and women to melt. 

J xx

PETER, BJORN AND JOHN - What You Talking About? (2016)

TELEMAN – Dusseldorf (2016)

OLIVER MTUKUDZI – Rirongere (1999)

TV GIRL - Taking What's Not Yours (2016)

SUE TOMPKINS - Raid (2015)

THE REDSKINS – Keep On Keeping On (1984)

AIRPORT - Whirling Dervish (2015)

THE AVALANCHES – Frankie Sinatra (2016)

THE AVALANCES – Frontier Psychiatrist (2000)

THE ENOCH LIGHT SINGERS – My Way of Life (1968)

BOYS FOREVER – Poisonous (2016)

HELEN LOVE – First Girl from Wales in New York (2016)



JULIA JACKLIN - Pool Party (2016)

THE JESUS AND MARY CHAIN - Between Planets (1989)

HOP ALONG – Waitress (2015)

PULP – Sheffield Sex City (1992)