Wednesday, 30 November 2011

LIST 79 - 25/11/11 (1991 special, part one)

Good evening,

Well, you didn't think you were going to escape the whole year without one or two "songs from 20 years ago this year" Lists, did you? (see also Lists #10, #11, #22 and #23 in 2009, plus #44 and #45 in 2010). They've just had to wait whilst the welter of other material has been worked through.

There are some songs on this first installment whose inclusion is a particular source of personal pleasure. "Countdown" endures to this day as both my favourite Pulp song of all time, plus - along with Wir and The Frank And Walters tracks included - a constituent of the playlist on the first evening that I switched over to Mark Goodier's Evening Session permanently (having merely dabbled with it a bit previously) and turned my back on the horrors of Key 103 forever!

(NB that's not to say I wasn't already listening to Peel as well, but supplementing that with some of the other better shows at the time on Radio 1, rather than persisting with the Fab FM direction Key 103 had taken after its post-Piccadilly Radio, post-Mark Radcliffe reimagining, took a little longer).

"Missing The Moon", meanwhile, was and remains just about the best single Sarah Records ever released in my humble opinion. It really does feel like a stare out into the heavens in music form - vast, celestial, and perfect.

No apologies, by the way, for including a bit of that 'ardcore techno that started to fill the charts around this time - I did, for the greater part, love it to bits ("Quadrophonia" in particular has aged far better to this pair of ears than I was necessarily expecting). No apologies either for a nice bit of judderjudderbleuurrrgghh from Extreme Noise Error - merely a year later, they'd find themselves involved with a chart-topping duo, an awards ceremony and an expired ovine - with hilarious consequences, as the sitcoms always say!

J x

CARDIACS - Day is Gone

PULP - Countdown

DJPC – Insomniak

TH’ FAITH HEALERS – Reptile Smile

THE FIELD MICE - Missing The Moon


MORRISSEY – Pregnant for the Last Time

CURVE – Clipped

BLUMFELD – Ghettowelt

QUADROPHONIA - Quadrophonia

THE FALL – Edinburgh Song

PIXIES – Motorway to Roswell

THE FRANK AND WALTERS – Fashion Crisis Hits New York

WIR – So And Slow it Grows



HOLE – Teenage Whore

THE HOLLOW MEN – The Moon’s A Balloon

ELECTRONIC – Get The Message


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