Thursday, 22 December 2011

LIST 82 - 16/12/11 (a second Then And Now special)

Hello again,

Just this and the festive special to go in terms of Lists this year - hasn't it flown by again.

As the title indicates, this is the second ever List (after #66 back in September) given over exclusively to Then And Now, i.e. one song by the featured artist from the present, followed by one from as far back into their history as it amuses me to delve. Where at all possible, I'm still trying to avoid including artists (both in this special and in That Music List in general) whose recording history only dates back as far as this century, though in the fulness of time that's going to be harder to maintain. There's only so many old gimmers with mikes and gee-tars still out there creating stuff, when all is said and done...

The Sigur Ros track is purported to be new - it's certainly previously unreleased, at least, and features now on a new best-of. Equally the Stephin Merritt track is appearing at last on a compilation of rarities, out-takes and unreleased works, so may be a bit older than the 2011 date I'm compelled to give it as a previously unavailable entity.

A quick word about the new Fall album - it's patchy as anything, and the diversion into metal for one track is particularly catastrophic. Conversely "Mask Search", included here, is one of the best things they've done for ages, as well as at long last perfectly encapsulating the moment at which Mark E Smith finally turns into Captain Beefheart doing an impression of Eight Ace from Viz comic.

See if I'm wrong about that. And see also if you can't help crack a smile at the year's best non-seqitur committed to plastic ANYWHERE this year!

J x

SIGUR ROS – Lúppulagið (2011)

SIGUR ROS - Viðrar Vel Til Loftárása (1999)

THE FALL – Mask Search (2011)

THE FALL – Big New Prinz (live on The Other Side of Midnight) (1988)

ULTRAMARINE – Find A Way (2011)

ULTRAMARINE – Saratoga (remix) (1992)

MAGAZINE – Burden of a Song (2011)

MAGAZINE – Definitive Gaze (1978)

STEPHIN MERRITT – Forever and a Day (2011)

THE MAGNETIC FIELDS – Swinging London (1993)

BRIAN ENO – Bless This Space (2011)

BRIAN ENO – King’s Lead Hat (1977)

DARREN HAYMAN – I Taught You How to Dance (2011)

HEFNER – The Hymn for the Cigarettes (1999)

SPECTRUM – Mary (long version) (2011)

SPECTRUM – How You Satisfy Me (1992)

BILLY BRAGG – Never Buy the Sun (2011)

BILLY BRAGG – Milkman of Human Kindness (1983)

GRUFF RHYS – Post Apocalypse Christmas (2011)

SUPER FURRY ANIMALS – Do or Die (1999)


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