Wednesday, 28 November 2012

LIST 103 - 30/11/12

Hello again,

Another mish-mash assortment this week, with the ever-splendid Matt & Kim one return to action I've particularly awaited with glee.  In a way it seems unusual for them to be appearing in a video here in which they're not being splattered with food or fake blood, but the promo for "Let's Go" is amusing in other ways.  And besides which, the video three songs before them takes care of the mess factor instead for those who like that sort of thing!

I can't believe it's taken me this long to upload Cursor Miner's ode to bibliophilia given my day job as a Chartered Librarian.  Equally, I'm aghast that I was able to overlook Dean Gray's superb bastard pop project for getting on for seven years.  Two wrongs righted elsewhere in this week's List, then.

J x

DARREN HANLON – Butterfly Bones (2010)

THE PRIMITIVES – Turn Off The Moon (2012)

THE WEDDING PRESENT – 524 Fidelio (2012)

NOSOTRÄSH – Dando Vueltas (2005)


THE PRESETS – Ghosts (2012)

DEAN GRAY – Doctor Who on Holiday (2005)

DISLOCATION DANCE – Night and Day (2011)

DISLOCATION DANCE – Rosemary (1982)

TENNIS – Petition (2012)

METRIC – Youth Without Youth (2012)

CURSOR MINER – Library (2004)

EVANS THE DEATH – Telling Lies (2012)

P.O.S – F*ck Your Stuff (2012)

CYBOTRON – Cosmic Raindance (1981)

MATT & KIM – Let’s Go (2012)

THE ANDERSEN TAPES – Cross Country (2011)

JACK WHITE – I’m Shakin’ (2012)

SÄKERT – Can I (2011)


STARS OF THE LID – Tippy’s Demise (2006)

LIST 102 - 23/11/12

Hello again,

A mixed bag again for you this week, although indiepop is particularly to the fore with choice contributions from Tigercats, Allo Darlin, Jens Lekman and The Lovely Eggs.  Regarding the last-named, and to answer one mail I've received - I'll stop including them in Lists so often when they stop producing so many excellent songs that demand inclusion!  Alles klar.

The anniversary of John Peel's passing having (shamefully) yet again passed unacknowledged by this List  a few weeks ago, a partial recompense is offered in the shape of the Amsterdam track included.  If Teenage Kicks endured as his favourite song of all time, Does This Train Stop on Merseyside would be reckoned by many to be his second.

J x

THE LOVELY EGGS - I Just Want Someone to Fall in Love with (2012)

SIGUR ROS - Ég Anda (2012)

LOVE – She Comes in Colors (1967)

THE SCHOOL - Why Do You Have To Break My Heart Again? (2012)

6 DAYS IN EXILE – Into Your Well (2012)

DATBLYGU – Syrffedu (1990)

BEACH HOUSE – Other People (2012)

JENS LEKMAN – Become Someone Else’s (2012)

AMSTERDAM – Does This Train Stop on Merseyside? (2005)

ALLO, DARLIN’ – Europe (2012)

KATHRYN WILLIAMS presents THE POND - Circle Round A Tree (2012)

KATHRYN WILLIAMS – Jasmine Hoop (1999)

TIGERCATS – Harper Lee (2012)

SAINT ETIENNE - Tonight (2012)

THE MONKS – I Hate You (1966)

AUGUST ACTUALLY – Werewolf (2012)

THE YEARNING - You Make Lovin' You Easy (2012)

DENIM – Robins Nest (1992)

RICHARD HAWLEY – Leave Your Body Behind You (2012)

Wednesday, 14 November 2012

LIST 101 - 16/11/12 (a third Then and Now special)

Hello again,

Following on from Lists #66 and #82, here we have a third collection of pairs of songs taken from opposite ends of the given artists' bodies of work - one new or recently released, the other back from the mists of time.  Survivors from the 1960s, 1970s, 1980s,1990s and early 2000s all feature in this assortment, which is pleasing.  There's at least one piece of footage here lifted from The Word, but don't let that put you off...

J x

GUIDED BY VOICES – Class Clown Spots a UFO (2012)

GUIDED BY VOICES – Hey Hey Spaceman (1987)

THE BEACH BOYS – That’s Why God Made The Radio (2012)

THE BEACH BOYS – Darlin’ (1967)

UNDERWORLD – Caliban’s Dream (2012)

UNDERWORLD – Spoonman (1993)



BARBARA MORGENSTERN – Sweet Silence (2012)

BARBARA MORGENSTERN – Der Augenblick (2000)

CAT POWER – Ruin (2012)

CAT POWER – 3 Times (1995)

SCOTT WALKER – Epizootics (2012)

SCOTT WALKER – The Seventh Seal (1969)

DEXY’S – Incapable of Love (2012)

DEXY’S MIDNIGHT RUNNERS – Dance Stance (1979)

LIST 100 - 09/11/12

Hello there,

Some three and a half years after it all started, That Music List hits its 100th installment todayThere's nothing out of the ordinary planned to mark that occurrence, no retrospective, no outtakes, no funny anecdotes - just another solid list of sonic pleasure commencing with a policeman being eaten by a space dinosaur.  But of course...

J x

MJ HIBBETT & THE VALIDATORS – Don’t, Darren, Don’t (2012)

GRIZZLY BEAR – Sleeping Ute (2012)


DARREN HAYMAN – Bundle (2012)

JOYCE THE LIBRARIAN – Follow Me, I’m Right Behind You (2012)

KATE BUSH – Them Heavy People (1978)

JOHN FOXX & THE MATHS – Shatterproof (2012)

JOHN FOXX – Europe after the Rain (1981)

LOWER DENS – Brains (2012)

THE MYNABIRDS – Generals (2012)
Po! – No Flowers (1994)       

SCHOOL OF SEVEN BELLS – The Night (2012)

FIELD MUSIC - A New Town (2012)

OMAR SOULEYMAN – Ala Il Hanash Madgouga (2010)

SATAN & MEGASTAR – London (2012)

SHARON VAN ETTEN – All I Can (2012)

DREAM DIARY – Something Tells Her (2011)

DUTCH UNCLES – Fester (2012)

THE LOVELY EGGS – Food (2012)